Dhadkan 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Sia breaks Ansari’s heart

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The Episode starts with Vikrant asking the team to welcome Abhay back. He taunts Abhay for shifting to cardio dept. He asks Ansari what’s going on. Sia says he is a good team leader, he is involved and always ready to help. Ansari smiles. Sia says I think he is really good. Vikrant says okay then, much changed here, you know workload has got high on Deepika, now I have come, you have to work a lot, whenever and however I say. He asks Sia and Peroz to follow the rules strictly. He says back to emergency dept. He asks Ansari to check Raju, Abhay will do the nurse work, doctors should also do nurse work to stitch the egos. Ansari goes. Vikrant asks Abhay to leave now. Abhay leaves.

Deepika goes to some lady and says your husband is fine now. The lady falls in her feet and thanks her. Deepika hugs her. Vikrant comes. He says its a good feeling to save someone’s life. Ansari asks Sia why is she praising him. She says you are smart, you understand it yourself. She gives him a smile and goes. He smiles. Vikrant comes to Raju and says you can get discharge now. He advises Raju. He goes to Deepika. He says I have to go home and finish packing, can you give me the keys. Deepika asks where will you go. He says if not home then I will shift to hotel, give me the keys. She gives the keys. He leaves.

Later, Deepika comes home. He gets his bags packed. He gets ready to leave. He gives her the keys. He thanks her. He says when we got separated ten years back, we knew that we will never meet, we will meet everyday in the hospital, I will leave. She stops him. She asks him not to go. She says I mean, until you find a house, better stay here than the hotel. He says yes, I shall find a good house in few days, I told some brokers. She says correct, stay here until you find a house. He thanks her. She goes.

He gets back to the room. He signs relief. Its morning, Abhay comes to the hospital. Nurse says good morning. He says what, its no good morning. Vikrant says meet me in my cabin. Abhay goes. Vikrant says Abhay will be with me today, Sia will be with Deepika. Sia says sorry, assign Peroz with her, I will manage with Ansari in ER, please. Vikrant says no, juniors won’t assign duties on own. He gets a call. He says Deepika, you manage it on your own, I m busy on a case. Sia and Ansari smile seeing each other. Abhay looks on. Vikrant asks him to follow. Deepika checks the reports. She gets a broker’s call. Madhvi asks are you shifting the house, you shifted two months back. Deepika says no, my friend is shifting, I m helping her. Madhvi says ask her to stay with you, you stay alone. Deepika thanks her. Vikrant and Abhay check a burnt patient. They argue about the process. Deepika calls Vikrant. He says sorry, I was busy. She says I shortlisted a house, take some time and see it. He asks her to come along and help him in setting it. She asks where are you, I want to meet. He says I m busy, we will meet in the lobby. He shouts on Abhay. Peroz looks on. Ansari comes to Sia. He asks why do you look upset. She says I m sad, I thought we will get a chance to work together, but no luck. She goes. He takes a gift for her. Vikrant and Abhay argue again. Vikrant scolds Abhay. He asks Peroz to take over. He goes.

Deepika waits in the lobby. Abhay calls out Vikrant. He goes to Vikrant. Sia sees Ansari following. He hides the gift. She asks him to call her Sia. She flirts with him. He gets tensed. Abhay asks what’s your problem, I was doing my job, why did you shout on me. Vikrant says its nothing like that. Abhay says you are doing this because of Deepika. Vikrant asks him to stay in limits, don’t argue with a senior, it can be proved costly. He says I don’t know what you are saying. Abhay says you threatened me that day, I m not scared, I know what type of person are you, listen to me well, you can fool Deepika, not me, I won’t let this happen. Vikrant asks what will you do, will you complain to management about me, you have no idea what I will do, I will prove you incompetent, I can ruin your career, think well. Abhay says you are married, you are having an affair for timepass, I won’t let you break Deepika’s heart. Vikrant says don’t try to come between us. Abhay says I will make you away because I love her. Vikrant says she is mine, I won’t leave you. They hold each other’s collar. Deepika comes. Sia says I thought you came to discus weather report. Ansari says yes. She flirts again. She says I thought you like me. Everyone hears ambulance siren and run out of the hospital. They attend the patients.

All the doctors get busy in the procedures. Ansari takes Saisha to Anish. He makes them meet. Anish asks Saisha the answer for the proposal. Vikrant saves the patient. Dr. Ali asks Peroz to go and give the good news to Delnaz’s husband. Peroz says your wife is fine, congrats for the baby. Deepika treats Anu. Anu dies on the OT table. Deepika leaves and cries. Saisha says yes Anish, I will marry you. Deepika goes to Anu’s friend. Ansari comes to Sia and gives her a gift. He says I really like you, I m giving this with love. She trashes it in the bin. She asks did you think I really like you, oh really, you troubled me by using cheap tactics, how can you think that I will like you, you are disgusting, useless and nonsense, I don’t want to ruin my life, stop emotionally torturing any girl next time. He gets shocked. He leaves.

Deepika says sorry. Anu’s friend shouts on her for not doing work well. Deepika says just relax. The girl blames Deepika. Deepika consoles and hugs her. Vikrant and Abhay look on. Dr. Ali sees Ansari sitting alone in the locker room. He asks what happened, couldn’t you save a patient, are you fine. Ansari cries. Dr. Ali comes to Sia. She says I taught him a lesson, he will remember it all life, he used to enjoy pain, he will know what is real pain. He asks are you happy and satisfied now. She says no, I m feeling bad, why…. He says because you are a sensitive girl, you know you are venting someone’s anger of someone else, you couldn’t take revenge on Abhay, so you took revenge on Ansari, you won’t get relief, you want to move on, give yourself time. Sia says no, I m done with Abhay. She holds him. He says hold, what’s up. She says I like you, not Abhay, not Ansari, they don’t understand me, you get me, you are so mature, you are a man, I really like you, why can’t we date, lets see. He says sure, why not. She asks why not means why not. He says why not, you are single, I m single, you are cute, I m hot, lets date. She nods. Abhay sees Deepika leaving. Deepika sees Vikrant and goes ahead.

Abhay gets drunk. He says I want to find out Vikrant and Deepika’s real story. Abhay comes to Deepika’s house. He asks what’s your story, I want to know the truth, he is married.

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  1. Doctors should lead and be an example of moral with values. They should respect each other as they are saving lives. Really sad to see a mess up bunch of doctors. Accept for Doctor Chakra.

  2. Words can not express how happy I am after seeing peroz and sia deciding to date, they actually deserve each other!!! Hope no one messes up thee relationship

    1. Not peroz and sia… Dr. Ali and sia are dating… That’s what has been wrote here

  3. Deepika is an idiot. A lot happens in 10 years but he didn’t contact her. Vikrant got married. He didn’t give her option then and also now he’s trapping her cause he wants a child. I feel maybe Aditi can’t have children. Only watching for Sia now.

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