Dhadkan 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vikrant warns Abhay

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The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Ansari about others. Ansari says Sia and Peroz left and Abhay shifted to cardio. Vikrant asks Deepika to stay back, there are no juniors today. She says okay. He says we can go home together. She says your detox is over, you can shift to your house. He says okay, I will go home. She goes to change. Peroz asks Sia not to change. Ansari comes. She greets him. He asks are you going to explore Ansari. She says ew, no, its not such bad days of mine, its payback time, Ansari did many mistakes, I will punish him. They leave. Ansari eats the food. He turns to see them.

Vikrant and Deepika are busy in the surgery. Abhay looks on. Deepika comes. He says you and Vikrant have become a good team, I have seen you, maybe you have told him to go, but he would have convinced him that he should stay in your house, right. She goes. Peroz makes Sia laugh. He asks why are you so sad. She says Abhay and me are over, how did it happen. Deepika and Vikrant have dinner at home. They see each other. She takes the plates. Sia says we don’t forget to take a breath, because its a habit, Abhay was my habit, I think to message Abhay, then I recall that we are not together, I feel like shouting aloud. She screams. She asks what was I lacking. He says you are perfect. She says I gave my 100%, why did Abhay leave me, polygamy is a signature of human, especially men, what is your problem. She stands on the car. She says you are right, I m perfect, I was a perfect GF, Abhay go to hell. She cries. Vikrant asks are you staying alone since always. Deepika says I had come to stay as PG, it was a small room, just tea and two biscuits in breakfast, I used to stay with an old couple, they used to fight all day, their dogs used to bark all night. He asks how did you sleep. She says deep and sound sleep, I used to get so tired. He massages her foot. He asks how did you tolerate it. She says no, I really enjoyed it a lot, I was following my dreams, I learnt a lot from my teacher Chakravorty, it was a good life. He says but you were alone. She says no, I was with myself, I loved it.

He says you have achieved a lot in these years, you are amazing, wow. She thanks him. Peroz says how weird, we left the car and we are walking here. Sia says I think of that girl for whom Abhay left me, you know it, right. Peroz asks who, no. She says liar. He says I m not lying. She says fine, we will guess that girl, will she be like me or not. He says I think she is Shanu. She asks ew, Shanu, that stupid idiot girl, if Abhay ditched me for Shanu, I swear I will kill her, such a bad choice. Peroz says I m kiddish, she calls me and asks about Abhay’s breakup. Sia says whoever it is, she would be like Shanu. He says find out. She says I have to move on, watch, like this. He says it takes time. She asks how much time will it take. He says two and a half years. She asks what, I can’t waste five years on Abhay, I have to move on quickly. He says speed thrills but kills, don’t hurt yourself. She hugs him and says thanks, none can hurt me more than Abhay, I survived this, so I can survive anything.

Vikrant says I never lived alone ever, I can’t take care of myself. Deepika says you mum and sister raised you with love. He says I wish they taught me to take care of myself. She says learn now. He says I don’t know anything, I can’t even pack my suitcase. She laughs and says shame on you. He says my house women didn’t teach me. She says you blame them, I will just take a shower. She goes. Abhay comes there and calls Deepika. Vikrant takes the call. Abhay says I want to meet you right now, come downstairs, I need to talk about Vikrant. Vikrant goes downstairs and asks what are you doing here. Abhay says if I ask the same. Vikrant says I m here because Deepika called me, did she call you, note this in your mind, stay away from her. Abhay says I didn’t ask you what to do, keep your advice to yourself. Vikrant says stay away from her, I m warning you. He goes upstairs. Deepika comes with coffee. He says I hate packing. She says you are not a kid, you should know. He asks her to help her. She says no, you will blame me. He says you will regret when I leave. She says no, promise.

He gets ready. He says I m going for early morning shift, I will come back and finish packing, I will leave at night, you can pack my bag, I won’t feel bad. She smiles. He leaves. Peroz and Sia have hangover. Ansari asks why do you drink. He scolds them. Sia says I will quit drinking, I swear on you. She goes. Peroz asks did this really happen. Ansari goes.

Vikrant asks Abhay to come to assist. Abhay says sorry, I don’t work for you. Vikrant says you work in this hospital, you are a junior resident, you should listen to senior, you come and help me. Abhay comes to help. Vikrant asks Abhay to run liver function test. He taunts Abhay for becoming slow. Deepika goes to the room. She sees Vikrant’s clothes on the bed. She takes his shirt and hugs. She folds it and keeps it in her cupboard. She gets his bag there. Sia sees Ansari. She acts of headache. He asks her to take IV for hangover. She talks sweetly. He asks why are you talking sweetly, why. She says you can say no. He says I will go and get it. She smiles.

Abhay says I have to go and report to Ashwin. Vikrant lectures Abhay. He says I m an expert, I know when and how to cut off. He asks Abhay did he stitch any artery ever, he should watch and learn from seniors. Vikrant gets Deepika’s call. He asks nurse to answer it on speaker. She says you would want the bag, right. He says yes, get it when you come, I forgot, see you. Abhay gets angry and says I m going to cardio, you can complain if you want. Sia says I had to go on rounds. Ansari says I will see that. She says thanks, sorry for scolding you. He says I had done wrong with you. She says no, I was behaving rude with you, I m really sorry. Peroz comes and gets shocked. Ansari asks where are the patients charts. She says general ward work station, thanks. He goes. Peroz asks what’s up. She says its fun scene. He says Dr. Ali has an exciting work, I m going. She says lets do it.

Vikrant comes to Ashwin and asks since when did cardio dept steal the junior residents. Ashwin says its not a good joke. Vikrant jokes and laughs. Ashwin says I didn’t steal anyone, Abhay came to me himself. Vikrant says you are a senior doctor, how can juniors decide the rotation, Abhay is joining my team back. Ashwin says sorry. Vikrant says I m HOD, you are the chief resident. Ashwin says you aren’t my HOD, you can’t order me, Abhay will stay in my team. Vikrant asks who is your HOD, Dr. Hussain? Ashwin says yes, he will back me in this matter, he hates you. Vikrant gets a call. He says yes, Deepika, say. He goes.

Sia and Peroz come to Dr. Ali and join him. Ali says I just need one set of hands, lets toss. He questions them. Sia answers. Ali says good job, come. Deepika gives the bag to Vikrant. She asks all okay. He says yes, I had a fight with landlord, he is asking me to vacate the flat, I have to find a place. She asks what nonsense, where will you stay now, he should have given notice. He says I have contacted brokers, I will move out tonight or by tomorrow morning. Abhay says I can text you brokers’ numbers. Vikrant says thanks, it will be help. Sia says that was just amazing, your precision, hand stability and control, mind blowing, I want to become a cosmetic surgeon, I know its superficial. Ali says no, its not superficial, the thing which makes a person confident, its not less then meditation, person is beautiful from within. She says yes, I explain them but they don’t understand. He says not everyone is smart like me. He goes. She smiles. Peroz comes to her. He says you are exploring here. She says shut up.

Deepika tries to revive a patient. Abhay asks do you need my help. She says I don’t need. Vikrant says come with me, then don’t tell me that I didn’t give you a chance to choose your future. They go to Ashwin. Vikrant says I came to thank you to tell me that your boss doesn’t like me, I went to Chakravorty, he is everyone’s boss. Ashwin says really, just for Abhay. Vikrant says no, you keep Abhay, I will get your junior resident, barter deal, they are experienced, I don’t mind. Ashwin says sorry, I trained my juniors with hardwork, I can’t change them for you Abhay. Vikrant smiles and says lets go.

Vikrant scolds Abhay and goes. Abhay asks what is your problem. He says I love Deepika. Vikrant says she is just mine. Deepika comes and finds them fighting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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