This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!! Epi:-11

All ready to read the last epi of this stry..
Wanna knw this is a tragic or happy ? ending thn keep reading..
This is a long epi.. Bt no worries ? if u imagine and read this becomes a short episode….

That Happened..

Dhaani takes out the camera ? and starts to record… Dhaani says This is the last few minutes Of my this journey.. A journey that changed my dreams to reality… Now the time is2:45… U’ll be thinking ?y I’m recording soo early na.. Tats because em u watch…. Remember this is my last FB?

FB starts…
Dhaani is lying on her bed ? phone ? rings.. Dhaani looks at ? mobile.. Mobile ? flashes Arshi calling.. Dhaani attends the call ? Arshi from the other side shouts Happy b’day di… Mujhe kya ?gify hai.. (Wat is my gift ? )Dhaani says wat gift?? Today is my b’day nt urs.. Arshi says ah,di today u turned 24.. Soo U have to offer gift to me.. Dulaari takes the phone ? from Arshi and wishes Dhaani.. She thankss her.. Arshi forcily takes the call and says u didn’t said thanks.. Dhaani laughs ? and thankss her.. Dulaari takes the mobile ? and says Soo today by 11:00 we will leave from here.. By nearly 1:30 we will reach ur place.. Then We can have a small b’day party.. Arshi says B’day party no need… U nvr used to keep mine.. So her too.. Dulaari scolds Arshi.. Arshi leaves telling that u r talking to MY Di..with My Phone…in MY room.. Arshi hides behind the door.. Dhaani asks y party.. Dulaari says because this time we have a special guest to be a part of ur happiness? Dhaani says ma.. Tell clearly.. Dulaari says we have fixed an alliance of urs with Vi.. Arshi runs ? and takes the phone ? and says suspense hai.. He will come to be a part of ur.. Arshi giving stress says… Biirrthhday Paarty.. Dhaani gets shocked to knw that… Dhaani says alliance.. Arshi says if u didn’t liked the partner say me.. I’ll marry ? him.. I’ve no problem.. Wat a smile ? he has.. Wat a beauty he has.. Dhaani says u marry him.. I don’t have any problem.. Arshi happily says really.. Dulaari says wat happened?? Arshi gestures her nthng… Ase hi.. Arshi says okay,then will see u… And disconnects the call ? Dhaani all of a sudden dials to Viplav… Viplav is in his deep sleep ? That he didn’t heard the mobile ? rings… Dhaani gets panic? And says wat will I do now.. FB ends…

I was getting panic ? here and my sweet Bole baba was sleeping.. At last by 12:00 my mom called me telling that thy have just started to drive out.. Thy became late because of Arshi.. And I was soo happy that thy will come by 3:00 only according to my calculation.. And later by the 12:15 I gt the call from that Rakshaas.. Ahh Viplav..

Fb starts.. Viplav calls Dhaani and says Sorry I was sleeping that I didn’t heard Ur ring.. Dhaani says do u knw my alliance has been fixed with someone.. His name is starting with “v”I don’t knw who is that stupid guy?? viplav says don’t call him stupid.. Viplav walks down ? the stairs.. Dhaani says mom,has told me that he will come to meet me during party.. Viplav says don’t worry ? we are gng to disclose everything during the celebration ? na.. Dhaani says ya.. Bt Viplav asks her not to worry and have a small talk and disconnects the call ? he sits in front of the dining table… Kanak says wat should I serve u.. Viplav look at Kanak in a confused ? manner.. Breakfast or lunch.. Viplav says breakfast.. And says to kanak that don’t tell to Dhaani that her Alliance is fixed with me… Kanak nods Fb ends..

Dhaani says soo now wat I’m gng to do I don’t know ? I don’t know ? with whom My alliance is fixed.. I only knw is during this party I’ll disclose my relation abt viplav.. Someone rings the door bell.. Dhaani says soo guyss wish me all the best ? Soo this is Dhaani kaur signing off!! Dhaani switches off the camera and opens the door ? Arshi shouts didi.. And hugs her.. Dhaani takes blessings from Dulaari and searches for Aditya.. Dulaari says he will come after parking the car.. Arshi pushes Dhaani and gets inside the apartment and says This is not even decorated.. Ho ho… All should i do.. Dhaani says no need.. We all will decorate this apartment.. Arshi switches on the TV ? Dulaari says Arshi has did the biggest contribution.. Being away from this job and maintaining silence.. Now she will fully be dipped inside the TV ? Arshi gives a stern look ? Dhaani laughs ? Aditya comes in.. Dad,Dhaani hugs him amd says missed u.. He also says missed u too ?. Arshi says bth r telling lies.. No one missed each other.. Only i missed di… Aditya looks at Arshi.. She smiles ? Thy all get busy in decorating the house..
Arshi is busy in blowing the balloon.. ?? Dhaani is busy in sticking decorating papers on Walls.. Dulaari and Aditya went out to buy cake ? Di, now it seems like a b’day hall.. The room is fully decorated with white blue red balloon ? ? ?? and decorative papers.. Blowers and all..???? and on centre of the hall a rectangular table is placed in order to place Cake ? Di.. Now u go and dress.. I have bought u the salwar.. She goes inside the room and take the salwar and give it to Dhaani.. Dhaani thanks Arshi and changes her dress.. Dhaani comes out wearing that salwar.. Arshi says u are looking aww?? The ? boy cmng today will surely love ? u.. This salwar is good because this is my selection… Dhaani smiles ? Someone rings the door bell.. Arshi rushes and opens the ? door.. And sees Dulaari and Aditya.. She says maa.. Paa.. Look at didi.. How beautiful she is.. Dulaari says u r looking good.. Aditya too compliments her.. Arshi says now let me go and get ready.. She changes her dress.. And does touch up..?? And dresses her hair.. Dhaani is doing touch up?? She sees Arshi and says seems like my boy will catch u.. And nt me.. U r too looking awesome.. She thankss her.. Dhaani does her hair make up..

Scene shifts to Viplav…
kanak says Viplav wear some good shirt and top… Because this ur first meet with ur future in laws.. Viplav nods.. Viplav says maa.. One min let me buy and come a bouquet ? for Dhaani.. Kanak nods and says jaldi aana.. Viplav bids a good bye ? and leaves…

Scene shifts to Dhaani..
Arshi notices a small bag ? Di,iss bag mein kya hai??(wat thr in this bag ?) questions Arshi.. It’s gift ? Answers Dhaani… This much gifts.. Says arshi in an amazing manner and asks who gave u this much gifts.. Dhaani was abt to say Viplav.. Just then she remembers that Arshi do nt knw abt thr relation and therefore says Company staffs… My friends Arshi says oh.. In a insignificant manner…

Scene shifts to Viplav…

Viplav is in a flower ? shop.. He asks the seller to give him Jasmine.. ? Rose.. Sun Flower? And a few other flowers combined bouquet.. Viplav says today Dhaani is really gng to be surprised ?? And smiles ???
He gives the offered bouquet.. Viplav pays for it and leaves ..
He reaches his house.. And keeps the bouquet ? on Sofa and rushes to his room.. He gets ready.. Viplav wears a orange top amd shin colour judi pant and combs his hair.. And sprays perfume.. He comes down the stairs… Kanak says my Boy ? is looking bahuthi changa… Shambu too compliments him.. He thankss bth and takes the bouquet and leaves…

Scene shifts to Dhaani…

Arshi shouts ma.. Where is the cake ? it’s inside the cover look first then shout.. Dhaani being panic ? comes from the room.. And calls Viplav.. Viplav is driving and ignores the call ? arshi says Y r u soo afraid.. Ohh,First meeting with future would be,uh?? Adds Arshi.. Arshi uncovers the cake ? and says yippee!!???? this is vanilla.. And look wat is written and gestures her a bad face.. Dhaani smiles looking at the face done by arshi.. Dulaari comes from inside.. Arshi goes and hug Dulaari and thanks her for cake.. Dhaani reads wats is written in cake.. Happy b’day Didi…. From Arshi… Dhaani tries calling Viplav again & again.. But everything goes to vain.. Seeing this Arshi comes near Dhaani and says wat happened di?? Ithna tension math lo,I’ll tell his name…and show his pic to.. Arshi login to her Fb and Types Vi.. Just then Door bell rings.. Dulaari opens it and says Dhaani ye lo tumhara sasural wale aagaye.. Dhaani closes her eyes ? Arshi backspaces VI… And offs the mobile go near Kanak and Shambu and bow down and touches their feet ? and seeks blessings.. Thy sees Dhaani closing the eyes and standing.. Dhaani turns back.. Viplav enters the house with boquet.. And Aditya comes from inside and says.. Aa tum aagaye.. Dhaani this the boy ?.. Aditya goes near Viplav and continues we looked for u.. Dhaani opens her ?eyes … Prays calling all gods.. And turns front.. Viplav covers his face with bouquet ? Dhaani sees Kanak and Shambu.. She gives a surprising look.. Viplav removes his bouquet.. Dhaani in a surprising manner looks at All.. Arshi comes near to Dhaani and says if u didn’t liked tell me.. I’ll marry him.. Dhaani gives a angry ? look to Viplav and starts beating him.. Viplav says Dhaani sorry ? and smiles.. Kanak and Shambu laughs ? seeing this.. Dulaari,Arshi and Aditya looks in a surprising manner.. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hands ? and hugs her.. Shambu says thy love each other… I asked them to work together.. Bt thy thought till the birth and for the cmng births and so.. And started to love each other.. Dulaari says then Y didn’t u mentioned this to me.. Arshi says Ma.. Ko choddo at least me.. And becomes sad ? Kanak says Actually thy were planning to tell us today.. I sais abt this to Viplav yesterday night ? and he asked me not to tell abt this to Dhaani.. Kanak sees Arshi being a bit sad..? Dhaani says Viplav u want a sister na.. Viplav says no I don’t need a sister.. And goes near Arshi.. Hearing this Arshi again becomes sad ?? Viplav says I wanted a sister.. A sister and that I got and hugs Arshi.. Arshi becomes happy.. No dobule double happy.. Saachi asks Arshi.. Viplav hugging Arshi says y u don’t want to call me bhaia.. U won’t call me jiju or bhaia.. Arshi becomes happy.. And nods.. Viplav continues and most importantly u won’t help me in teasing Dhaani.. Arshi smiling says yes.. Arshi releases herself from Viplav’s hug and says from this time onwards I’ve a bhaia.. To celebrate ? Raksha Bandhan.. Arshi says but u don’t have di.. Dhaani makes a sad ? face.. And jumps and enjoys.. Dhaani and Arshi cut the cake ? Thy bth feed each other.. Followed by Dulaari Aditya Shambu Kanak and Viplav.. Dhaani blushes While feeding cake piece ? to Viplav… Viplav says ab toh mein apni chotti ko feed karna padeiga na..and takes a cake piece ? and feeds to Arshi.. Ab toh ?facial karna padeiga na.. Arshi nods and takes a ? cake piece and facials ? Viplav’s face.. Viplav take a piece.. Arshi runs ? Viplav runs behind her… Kanak says Viplav always Wished to have a sister.. Arshi runs opens the door and runs down the stairs…

After 8 months
Someone is running ? down the stairs.. With a yellow lacha.. Her back is shown.. She runs telling Jiju ko first mein haldi lagaungi.. She runs.. To a hall whr all are gathered … Thy all look at her and give her a way.. She takes a bowl filled with haldi.. And throws Arshi says the guy… Camera ? shows the girl.. It was arshi.. The guy takes a towel and clears his face and the guy is Viplav.. Arshi takes the haldi from his face and runs near to Dhaani and applies it.. Dhaani says which haldi is this?? U didn’t took it from here.. Arshi says this is haldi I applied on Jiju’s face.. Dhaani shies and blushes.. This scene moves towards right.. And another scene appears from Agirl is putting mehendi on A hand.. The girl ? applying mahendi asks Wat letter should I write.. Arshi comes from behind and hugs Dhaani.. And says “V” or which letter.. Dhaani whispers “PR”Arshi looks at Dhaani.. Dhaani says Pyaara Rakshas.. Arshi laughs.. Someone from behind asks “SP” to a boy ? The boy is shown from Behind.. Camera ? moves to Right and shows the boys face.. It’s Viplav.. He says ahh.. Shikayathi Pudhiya.. And smiles.. This scene also moves to right and a new scene appears.. Arshi is standing on a stage and announcing “The time has came for wat we are waiting for.. Yes.. Now put ur hands together for My jiju and didi”Lights off pls.. A beam of light falls on Viplav.. Viplav forwards his right hand.. Another beam of light falls on Dhaani.. Dhaani too forwards her hand ✋Thy bth smile at each other..
? p
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi..
Vidha walk hand with hand..

Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Viplav makes Dhaani take a turn..

Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Viplav holds his hands on Dhaani’s waist..
Viplav lifts Dhaani…

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
And takes a turn…

Kabhi na kehna alvida
And places her down…

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Dhaani moves near Viplav and sings these lines…

Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho
Viplav moves his hands on Dhaani’s face and sings these lines..

Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Viplav backs his right hand…
Dhaani moves her right hand front…

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Vidha takes a round (Like pheras.. Taken during marriage ?)around the chair ?
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Lights get off!! Black screen.. Switch on the light.. Says someone.. A beam of yellow light falls on viplav.. Now Viplav is wearing a skin coloured Sherani.. With garlands.. With his right hand back.. Camera ? moves to right.. Dhaani is wearing a White net saree with red border.. And with garlands.. She moves her Right hand front…

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Thy bth hols the hand.. Camera ? goes to right.. Panfit ji is sitting.. Behind him Aditya and Pankaj are standing smilingly ? and face is full of happiness.. Pandit ji says agni ko sakshi mankar phere Lena shuru karo.. Camera ? goes back.. Many people are gathered.. Arshi’s face is filled with joy ? and happiness? And excitement ? Dulaari’s eyes ? is filled with tears.. Kanak looks at Dulaari and removes her tears.. (Vidha is in thr wedding ? venue)
Viplav looks at Dhaani.. Dhaani smiles ? Viplav keeps his right leg first amd they strt to take pheras..
??? Ishq Ishq……
Ishq Ishq…….

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Pandit ji says dusara phere lelo..
White petals fall down..

Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Pandit ji says theesera..
Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Kahe Kita Kahe Ve

Pandit ji says chautha..
Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Arshi says now only 4.. And smiles..? Vidha smiles at excited ? Arshi… While taking pheras..

Arshi says 5th… Phera.. Aditya.. Shambu.. Kanak and Dulaari looks at Arshi smilingly..
Ishq Bawar Mein Choddu Bahar
Apna Aap Gawar
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya

Arshi says 6th…petals is falling down..
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Usse Koi Rang Na Va
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq ka rang safed…

Arshi says 7th… Now only one more… And claps? Everyone standing there too claps..?
Ishq Ka Rang Safed hai bava…
Ishq ka Rang safed hai Bava…
Ishq ka Rand Safed…

Pandit ji says ab Dhaani tum pehele aavo.. Aur phir.. Viplav baba.. Dhaani moves to front.. And Viplav at back.. Arshi says last phera..
Vidha smilingly ? takes the last phera…
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya

Pandit ji says ab.. Dhaani ka maang baro.. Arshi takes the sindoor cup and shows to Viplav.. Viplav takes a pinch of Sindhoor
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya…

and applies on Dhaani’s forehead..
Usse Koi Rang Na Va

Dhaani closes her eyes and feels the sense of filling sindhoor on forehead.. Tears comes from Dhaani’s eyes…
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed..

Ye lo mangalsutr usse pehanavo says Panditji.. Viplav takes it and make Dhaani wear it..
Usse Koi Rang Na Va
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Arshi says ab aap officially mera jiju bana.. Dhaani becomes shy…viplav removes the tears.. And hugs Dhaani.. Everything beside them becomes blur Image.. Camera ? moves towards Viplav.. Vidha pic too become clear.. Camera ? Video become clear.. Camera moves back.. Now thy are standing in Viplav’s decorated room.. Viplav kisses ?Dhaani and asks hows the decoration.. Dhaani says nice..and kisses on Viplav’s cheeks… The room is fully decorated with Candles’.. Viplav take Dhaani in his arms.. And both fall on bed? Candles blows off.. Dhaani hugs Viplav.. Thy consummate thr marriage? and love? Camera ? goes up.. Stars ?✨✴❇ form the Constellation…THIS? IS? DHAANI✨ KAUR ? SIGNING✴ OFF❇ !!!!!

Hw was the episode..
Good ending uh??
Hope this was a unique way of writing..

Thankss to Varsha chechi.. Sujie di Renu di.. Misha di.. Lakshmi.. Aish.. Aish di… Arshi di.. Lols.. Misha di.. Areeb di.. Maha di.. Bhaia.. Meghs di.. Mr.Impossible.. Shruthy and all the silent readers.. Srry if I frgt any name…?
Fr ur cmnts… Tat encouraged me to write ?

  1. Areeb

    Yaar, ek to show bhi khtam uper sy yeh story bhi khtam. ? Will read it at night.

    1. Angel20

      Sach me yaar?

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    3. Shanitics

      srry fr ending yaay

  2. Aiswarya

    U is also ending ????just few minutes the show ended
    U are making me cry more n more ???

    1. Shanitics

      don;t cry yaar.. u r making me 2 cry

  3. Shruthy

    Woooow! It was so fast. Feeling like started reading the story yesterday…
    Everything coming to an end is quite sad. But well, I am sure you will be back with wonderful stuffs.
    Coming to the episodes, they all were fantastic. ViDha increasing love was wonderful and I loved the way you beautifully ended it. The ending reminded me of Vivah actually. Thanks for such a beautiful story Swetha <3

    1. Shanitics

      yep..while posting this epi..I just felt the same emotions..I just strtd yesterday only na..

    2. Shanitics

      hope I too wil be back wth anthr ff..

    3. Shanitics

      thankss shruthy di..

    4. Shanitics

      happy that ending was gud..

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      u r always welcme..

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      thankss 4 ur al time ncouraging cmnts..

    7. Shanitics

      ya.. I loved the ending of added that essence in it..

  4. Areeb

    Swetha Excellent work! ? Light and fun filled episode. ? Seriously enjoyed every bit of it!
    It seemed a Arshi-studded episode. ? And was imagining our Real Arshi Kaur!! And really can’t express how the whole episode went in my eyes. ??
    Ahh! As expected Viplav kept the alliance thingy as secret from Dhaani. On the other hand Dhaani freaking out in tension. Loved it! ?
    I tell you what.. tumhari Special BF wali story to bohat similar hoti hai kai baar merey life incidents sy but iss baar yeh story bhi relate kar gae. Loved loved loved that scene when Viplav reaches Dhaani’s Apartment with his face hidding behind flower bouquet. That remind me of my cousin’s birthday.. when I gave her surprise by making it to her place like this. ❤
    Throughout love the whole glimpse of wedding rituals – Haldi, Mehndi and Wedding, of course. ? With the continuous Camera movement – must say nice cinematography. ??
    And now I’ve changed my mind. I’m not at all sad with the story getting complete. Because, I’m expecting a brand new story from your side Swetha! ? Kinda sure you will come back with another fun loving story, ain’t you? ?
    And a final Sign off to ” This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!! ” ?

    1. Shanitics

      thankss Areeb di..

    2. Shanitics

      happy that u imagined arshi di and read it.. it will surely add salt to the ff

    3. Areeb

      Oh yes! ? But where Viplav hugged Arshi, I was really jealous. ? Wish I could imagine myself there but my imagining power got weaker that time. ? Life’s irony. ?

    4. Shanitics

      so..u also gave a surprise in a similar manner.. coincidence..

    5. Shanitics

      thankss fr cinematography wishes

    6. Shanitics

      happy that ur emotions of sadness has wiped ur face..

    7. Shanitics

      will surely try to give a brand new stry.. will try to come again with another simple bt relatable stry..

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  6. Shanitics

    happy that I was able to give u relatable stry plot

  7. Aiswarya

    Swetha u did a outstanding job ??I must say I love this ff very much ??ur style of writing ???
    It was really a prefect end ??I’m gonna miss this ff very badly
    Arshi is sooooooooooooo cute character ☺☺☺☺
    Feeling like yesterday I started reading this ff
    Swetha plzzzzzzz come back with another ff ☺☺☺☺

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss aish ?

    2. Shanitics

      Thankss fr lvng my ff.. Especially my unique writing style ?

    3. Shanitics

      Happy tat u loved my nding!!

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      Will surely try to cme up wth an another ff..

    5. Shanitics

      Ya.. Do u knw whn I was posting this last epi I just had a feeling that I just posted the first epi yesterday!!

  8. Angel20

    This one was amazing!! I loved it thoroughly!!! Dhaani Viplav??
    Come back with another one soon!!??

  9. Thankss Maria

  10. Happy that u lvd the ff thoroughly ?

  11. Will surely try to cme back wth an anthr ff?

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