Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang get blessing from mata prithvi and says, today is that day for whom i am waiting. I want to tell you before but i am late. I am expecting that you will help me. Mata says, i always with you but in this incident, you have to move alone. rohitang says, ok mother problem and after today, tridev will not become dependent for each other. Mata laxmi thinks about narayan’s marriage and cries and then bhram dev and mahadev comes with mata parvati. Mata parvati says, sister, we have to move out from there. Bhram dev says, we all know about this previously but we cant do anything. Mahadev says, my devotee and your boon and narayan’s curse will show dependancy and from now onwards, you will show the path to world. Its time to come of nigas. All dev moves out from there.
Here indra fights with shankchur and remaining dev says, we will call mahadev for help. Kartikaye says, no. Rohitang has activated nigas for narayan and if we will call father then we will distracted him from his path. Rohitang gets happy and says, maa, its very less time left for our win. Shankchur will beat indra and soon nigas will swallow narayan. Shankchur beats indra. Indra calls mahadev. As shankchur tries to kill indra, rohitang stops him and says, no shankchur, dont kill him right now. Mahadev will not come. Rohitang molest indra and says, today result will different. What happened indra, mahadev will not help you. Indra worship to mahadev and says, if i have done wrong then done punish me but dont punish others. Mahadev arise and shankchur says, i had given oath to you, i will fight for you. Rohitang says, i have also given oath to my sister. Rohtiang says, today, i will win. Mahadev says, you are not seeing anything infront of your proud. rohitang says, i know what i am doing.
Nigas says, what is this? You are alone and nobody is here to save you, it is truth, you are nothing in front of my mahadev. Now world will know that one asur swallow narayan. NIgas worships bhram dev and says, today your boon’s working time starts. Nigas turns into large body. Mata laxmi cries and remember narayan’s wordings. Nigas opens his mouth to swallow narayan.
Nigas then swallows narayan. everybod cries and mahadev calls narayan. Universe gets unbalanced. Biblarth says, what will happen when earth run without narayan. Everything freezes on earth.
Sati anusuiya get worried. Everybody gets difficulty to breathe.

Precap:- Rohitang says, dont you know what is happening around us. Nigas has swallowed narayan and i will break the the triangle of tridev. Nigas comes and says, i am really happy to see you mahadev. Mahadev then disappears.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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