Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

K meditates, Mahadev visits him…K pays his respect to his daddy…Shiva says Kailash n his little bro is missing them. K says that he too misses them and the guilt of not carrying fwd his duties correctly..he feels terrible of the happening. Mahadev tells him that every person who does good to the society is faced with this doubt and fear while they carry on their duties- this trait is great- this sensibility and change is good..its not the sign of weakness.,,but the liveliness of the self- the sign of strength- that he is thoughtful and complete. Shiva tells its his decision when he feels calm and come back..and whenever he feels so then he should come back asap..(BG is soulful)

Agnidev troubles all the devas at swarg..he tells that he is strong and that he is devsenapati he should be given more importance. Dev Guru tells him to chill, he already strong and sit right for he can’t aim for Indrpadh. Indr is kinda shocked that why was he suggesting Agnidev of his position..
Agini dev thanks Dev guru for the suggestion and tells that he’d do just that..
Devraj tries to convince Agnidev not to go that way as he too would be in trouble..arrogance n pride will never lead him to contentment. He gives Agnidev his own examples in order to save his seat. Agnidev warns Indr

He reminds Agnidev of the curse given to him by Parvati ma on K’s birth and Mahadev’s repair work of that curse. Indr tells that if Mahadev is angry then no one would be able to help him.
Agnidev is overdoing this saying even mahadev wont get his av ashes if he is not that he knows that no one knows his importance in the world..he’d let everyone know who he is.

Naradji tells Mahadev that Agnidev is on the lose..Shiva tells that he has been given a chnace which he is misusing and he’ll reap the consequences.
Naradji bemusedly says that they give chance to everyone..but sadly no one makes good use of it.

Mahadev tells he wishes to give him too a chance..on asked he tells that a meet with Narayan..
Naradji tells that its been so long that Narayan spoke with him..met him..he is now in his Krishna form and have forgotten him- he has become the world’s fav .why would he wish to meet him..and even if he wishes then the wish should come from both the sides..and if he wished to see him, he could have called him..
Mahadev tells dose a devote need invitation from the divine. Naradji replies not invitation but a hint .
Shiva tells a very wise thing ‘the very thought of meeting the divine in a devotee’s mind is the HINT that the divine wishes to meet you- even Narayan wishes to meet him.’

Naradji feels glad and leaves for Dwarka.
Devguru n Indr discuss abt Agnidev’s acts..Indr tells Agnidev should himself realize his mistake and thushe doesn’t wish to talk or fight him.
They at the end decide to stop Agnidev ..and the only way is K. They should bring K at the earliest.

Devrishi Narad reaches Dwarka and is welcomed by Rukmini (Lakshmi devi) he wishes her..on asked the reason for his visit, Naradji tells he just came by to meet Dwarkadesh not important though.
Krishn comes there they wish each other, Naradji is feels blessed to see his Narayan…mischievous Krishna asks Naradji tat he can visit the three worlds anytime, but didn’t come and meet him even once…though late he has come..he feels good.
He puts Naradji in tight spot asking the reason for his visit.. all Rukmini devi could do is wonder.

Anirush does some nakhra in eating..he blames Banasur for his kidnap..and bashes him..the daughter doesn’t feel good abt this and bashes him back saying he doesn’t need to go to his father’s clan…as she was wrong. there is a heated argument btw them..Anirudh says he feels weird abt a woman kidnapping a man.
Then Usha says sternly that its not her father’s fault, she kept him captive..her clan has great ppl like Bali and Prahlad besides she has been brought up by Mahadev n family..been taught by Parvati ma herself he asks then why did she kidnap him…as se saw him in her dream..wah this melts the guy and his eyes soften towards her. USha tells that she never knew him or saw him yet he came in her dreams..thats why he was there..she tells that its all destiny that has brought them there.

At Dwarka…Krishna continues to put Narad n tight spot by asking why he was there..Nardji tells that he came to meet them..Krishna asks him tell them more abt Narayan..Nardaji in himself tells ‘Prabhu why are u testing’
He then replies that Narayan’s devotion defines him.

Then Balram asks them to chuck the sweet talk and talk abt important stuff like Banasur..Naradji tells that Anirudhis ta Shonikpur and is taken good care of..Balram doubted that they have kidnapped Anirudh.
They should start a war..Krishn reminds him o the promise he did to Mahadev.

Krishna asks Balram to calm down and reaso if Anirudh has gone to SHonkipur by his will or by force…
Naradji utters ‘as u say Dwarkadheesh’
Balram asks why he says that..?
Krishn covers saying that Naradji wishes to leave…

Back here Agnidev ties to scare the rishis by blowing off the havan fire and diyas…he demands them to give all the havish dedicated to himself and not to give any importance to other devas..or they’d be subjected to his wrath.

The rishis go to Mahadev and complain abt Agnidev that the kid is overreacting now getting new position he is troubling in yagyas and all abt what Agnidev demands..

They request Shiva to stop Agnidev’s acts.
maahdev decides that he won;t et any innocent be hurt by Agnidev


Anirudh talks to USha that Yadhuvanshi clan and Asura clan had always fought..Usha replies that this time there will be LOVE.
Agnidev bully’s the humans. K observes all this and warns him to stop the destruction.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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