Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th August 2013 Written Update

In Kailash , As Usual Parvati & Mahadev , both of them are sitting on the divine stone Parvati Asks Mahadev , that he didn’t tell her about Hanuman . What he did to those .. And Mahadev replies he done so as he had told On the other hand Sadhus are repenting over what they have done and aks for forgiveness to Hanuman and asked why did he do so and if they didn’t answer and he will torture them so then what kind of benifit he is gonna get

Hanuman says if he would have asked those questions to normal people and they haven’t answered then would have accepted but this is not done as I am asking to knowledgeable people they should have answered and doing this they didn’t keep there tongue .. Other way parvati asking mahadev how can hanuman help

Ram while he is so much fast and mischievous and Ram is so patitent And Mahadev Assures Everything will be fine as time will be passed

Ram and seeta are in the garden and seeta says i dun knw whom I will get married but i know how the man I want. Ram Says more than her eagerness duty is important and she agrees but says she is arguing because she is talking about heart which doesn’t obey any rules

Laxman is trying to get fruits and meantime urmila tries to attack on him and he says he was not stealing it and asks what right she has to ask and she is shy , then laxman replies who he is and further Ram, laxman ,sita and urmila gets introduced to each other. and then they left

After coming back to own places laxman shares his experience of meeting to urmila and so urmila asks seeta about it

Ram says to laxman that he is getting lost from his aim as they are here for there gurudev’s orders . and fruits should be owned by hardwork .. rather than uttering mantras Laxman asks for forgivness ( best part )

Parvati asks the reason of shiva’s arrival to the Ashram and he says about shubhak in detail who was a devotee of lord shiva

As once how he had a yagyan as per his father’s order and then he got lots of treasure from them and mahadev appeared and denied to take those treasures and how his father was bowing head infront of him and shubhak asks him why is he doing so so his father says that he has a special right on all these treasures and shubhak says the only right on these are only of shivling and his father says whom he worships as shivling he is only here .. mahadev. And shubhak asks forgiveness and says he is sorry .. mahadev says if people who are knowledgeable like him will be attracted towards such treasures and all then what would be the condition of this world . and Says they should be the way for people’s development so can people get inspired.

Precap: Mahadev says parvati that Dhanush Yagyan is coming up soon ,Ravan says he’ll be back soon with a new wife, MAhadev says nothing is hidden from Adishakti as she knows what is going to happen in this marriage. .

Update Credit to: reeti

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