Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th April 2013 Written Update
Parvati is drawn towards the Shivlinga of rishi Dadhichi’s aashram, keeps on looking at it. Rishi Dadhichi remembers Sati coming there for the first time.
At Patala loka, Shukracharya tells J (Jalandhar), a new confidence is restored in Asuras today. Some special asuras, those multi coloured ones are offering their special services to J like killing anyone on his order, doing anything for him etc. Shukracharya says it’s important to know the King’s wish first. J starts addressing them. Naradji comes there with his Narayan Narayan chant. J asks him how did he enter without taking his permission? Naradji says he can come & go anywhere anytime in this World. Everyone is created by God. J says he is not made by God. Shukracharya looks at Naradji, he understands J is not told about his origin, which was created to kill Indra. Naradji tells J, he is seeing a special Krodhagni in him & disappears from there. Comes to Ksheerasagar, says he met Fire itself, there are 3 stages of fire. First stage is when the fire is lighted, is bit mild. The second stage is when the fire is at compeletely lighted. J is on the second stage now. Something should be done immediately. Vishnuji smiles.
J checks Patala loka’s accounts. Is informed by multi coloured Asuras , there is nothing left in the treasury.
Rahu, is present there too, with only his head. J asks what happened to him? Rahu explains Samudra Manthan’s story about distribution of Amrit, how he sat among Devas fearing asuras will not get Amrit & Narayan cut his head for that mistake.
J goes to meet Samudra, asks those Gems, which Devas has today, were yours initially? He is going to get them back. J is about to leave. Samudra stops him, saying he has given it to them, doesn’t need them . J asks him why didn’t he give them to Asuras? So much immbalance in the World is due to unjustified distribution of Gems.
At rishi Dadhichi’s aashram, Parvati touches the Shivling, gets Sati’s FB of calling Shivji with a Bel patra. The incident of 1st epi. Whetre Shivji had appeared in Daksh’s Palace. The dialogue, I am Vairagi, Na Samman ka moha. Na Apaman ka bhaya. Paravti says, she had heard these words before. With Karpur Gauram playing in BG. She turns, sees Aadi Guru. Now melodious , Om Namah Shivay is playing in BG.
J tells Apasmar to go to Indra, tell him to return all the Gems came out of Samudra Manthan. He can’t return Amrit. He has to return all of them, this is an order, they alla re his as he is King of Samudra.
At Swarga, indra gets angry, tells Apasmar to tells J, to be in Patala loka only, or Asuras will loose their king. All the Gems belonged to Devas even before Samudra Manthan.
Indra tells Swarnasura, he is aware of his insult by J. Swarnasur says J is very powerful, he heals his wouns himself, can not be killed. Indra shows him a weapon, says this weapon will not kill him but will make him unconscious. You have to hit him at his back. He will be rewarded with lots of wealth for that. Swarnasur goes happily.
Parvati explains, Aadi Guru about the Daityas trying to kidnapher, in disguise of her father.
She introduces the Aadi Guru to rishi Dadhichi, says he’ll teach her about Yoga, she’ll get Aatma-gyan. Dadhichi with tears in his eyes, falls his feet . The 1st line of Rudrashtaka playing in BG-
Namamisha meeshan Niravan rupam, Vibhu vyapakam Brhma Veda swarupam…..
Aadi Guru tells Kanya to be ready for a new task. Paravti agrees.

Precap: Rishi Dadhichi tells Aadi Guru, he got emotional seeing him, in this avatar, realized he is fortunate to be chosen to be a part of this Leela.
At Patala loka, J is sharpening his Sward. Apasmar comes, gives Indra’s message, Devas will not return anything. If they’ll try to take the Gems back, Asuras will end up loosing their king. J smiles, says it’s time for the war between Devas & Asuras.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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