Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with saptrishi says, what does it mean about negative energy. Mahadev says, anynone who had done anything on positive energy then he has to pay for it but if this type of energy will get unbalanced then some power will generate and destroy it. Saptrishi gives thanks to mahadev.
Shankchur says to rohitang that please forgive me my dear friend, i am feeling guilty that i have doubted you. rohitang says, dont say sorry, you have saved me. But you remember that you have given me promise so now attack on indra. Shankchur says, but mahadev will protect them. Rohitang says, last time, i was unprepared but this time, you are with me. Shankchur says, are you confident? Then shankchur says, ok, i will attack on indra.
Indra comes in front of mahadev then mahadev says, return back to swarg lok because you have done it and you have to solve this matter. Indra says, i have only done for breaking friendship of shankchur and rohitang and this time, i need your help and i cant face both of them. mahadev says, you have questioned on pativrat dharm of tulsi and remember that narayan also got curse and for that reason, he born in human. Indra says, please forgive me mahadev, this time and i will follow the truth path but please protect me or kill shankchur. Mahadev says, if someone feels guilty then he has feel sorry for it. ganesh ji says, you are forgetting someone that difference between work and evil. Mahadev says, shankchur didnt do any evil and for that reason, how will i kill him, you go and think about your work.
Rohitang thinks about mata’s conversation then tulsi comes and gives thanks to him and says, i am lucky that you are my brother. Now take this prasad. ROhitang ask, who is your God? Rohitang then sees narayan statue and says, i will definitely take this prasad but not as your God’s prasad but for our relation.
Rohitang says, you have said me that none of the devta will enter into your state then how will narayan situated in your state. Shankchur says, devta has made worship as his business. If we will pray then we will get protection but finally happen same that everything they want. Rohitang says, then why will tulsi worship narayan. Shankchur says, if i will stop her then what will be the difference between me and devta, she can worship any of the devta. Rohitang says, you are looking so tensed. Shankchur says, narayan, i am feel to do worship of narayan. Ganesh ji says, shankchur doesnt know about relation with mamaji. Mahadev says, yes, ganesh! he doesnt know his relation. ganesh ji says, but, mama ji had given boon to him that you will make him free.
Rohitang says, isn’t anyway to beat brahma, vishnu or mahadev. Dev kampan says, what happened Rohitang? Rohitang says, i have assume wrong about mahadev and now this time i will beat brahma and mahesh. Dev kampan says, they both are same. Rohitang says, if any of them will get beaten then they will loose and if i will beat them with my mind then i will beat all of them. This time narayan is in sleep and i will complete my planning slowly.
Ganesh ji says to mahadev, i want to say you something, you are not helping to indra because he has done wrong or something else. Can i help you in it. mahadev says to ganesh ji, Yes, my son, you will help me. Ganesh ji says, but you are looking tensed and nothing is impossible for you. mahadev says, rohitang will have two option, in both case, he will come near to me and due to this, somebody is in danger, and for him, i will let it happen anything, whether indra will loose his throne.

Precap:- Mahadev says to mata prithvi, now its time to give exam for all of us. Mata says, when will our exam starts. Mahadev says, right now.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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