Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th November 2013 Written Update

Nandi and other ganas prepare bhang mixture…he wishes Mahadev to have to have the same pleasure they had while Mahadev’s wedding (bachelor party)..
Dev rishi arrives and looks at the prep..aNandi feels that its a nice idea as the last time everyone seemed to enjoy it.
He is however skeptical abt Indr’s moods..if he would even come or not and if he isn’t gonna come no other devta would turn up for the party..

Rishi Narad advices Nandi if they’d invite him formally by the one who is organizing the party.. he might change his mind..

Nandi does a taste check.. he feels there is no effect of the bhang whatsoever on him, even after so many checks. (but Nandi is befuddled )

Nandi goes to Shiva an puts his wish of conducting the bhang party according t his capability and is worried abt the bhang effects..which isn’t showing any sign. Then Shiva takes the bowl in his hands and tastes it. he feels it is very taste..Nandi says that the mixture missed his touch to it, now its gonna taste great.
He is been tasting it since morning and the effect is felt now…

One of the messengers say that the crowd of devotees is rising at temples…some have given the money which he gave, have charity on his name.. When he inquires abt the treasury he gets to knw that the quantity of food n money is constantly reducing.

Ripunjay decides to woo devtas and arrange for a yagya..he does that only for his prajay and abundance of food, etc.. not that he is spiritual.

Indr on the other hand swears to chase those datyas down Kailash…Brihaspati tells that they need to go by Kailash’s rules.. Indr gets vexed as he was taunted…how the daytas n dayty mata have insulted him. Then Nandi arrives and tells that he found the solution for his anger and pain!
Nardji asks why is he so worried of his massi saying thing to him and he is not attending the party

Indr gets even more annoyed with Nandi’s antics as he is intoxicated and insults Nandi saying he is vanar- Bullheaded and all things..Nandi just smiles remembering something..on asked Rishi Narad says that he is reminded of someone who insulted him at that very place- Nardiji gives hime clues..he gets to know its Ravan who humiliated Nandi.

Narad also reminds of the consequences of Raavan’s act..and how he can’t mess with Nandi.

All assemble at Kailash for Nandi’s bhang party
They all enjoy the bhang…dancing and singing all the way…except the devtas everyone seem to enjoy the party..

When Mahadev enters the scene they all stop…Shiva has this *rukkyin gaya bajoo* expression..
Then Nandi gives him a earthen pot of Bhang..Mahadev gestures everyone to carry on.. then the devtas start to take the bhang and both devtas n daytays enjoy dance.. Mahadev feels like the old times. (BG was kinda punjabi bhangda mix)

Next scene.. with the title track…divine.
Parvati devi does Abhishak to Shiv linga..

“Om kara bindu samyukta
Nityam dhayanta yoginaha
kamadam moshadam chayva omkaray namo namaha”

Shiva says “kalyan ho”

The sapta rishi come to meet Shiva, they feel blessed to be a part of the mmahabhoj that Ganesh has organized..Rishi Kashyap asks, that why don’t they do the pooja arti in front of him everyday/
Shiva tells when the deity is in the front the mind stays focused and in the present moment.. but for a true devote, the deity lives with in him.

Shiva tells rishi Kashyap that the past is gonna be dug up, he ought to brace himself..
He gets the hint what SHva was talking abt..Mahadev continues that the warmth and understanding shared bwt husband n wife isn’t seen in any relationship- They both know each other’s- imperfections, mistakes and virtues very well.. and can also accept it. And when one of them is in darkness the other has the duty of pulling the other out of it.
Kashap says that he was never separate, Mahadev replies she never could have separated – after so many yugas …even if he stays off from a relation- will not end it- its not the end. he still shares the same, equal and rightful responsibility, expectations even during the relation and there lies the same expectations that at least the other would some day start.

Diti argues that she is the mother of daytyas and if she isn’t gonna look after there good then whose gonna?
Daksh feels the yagya by Ripu is a good idea and he seconds by it.
Mahadev decides that the trinity should intervene citing devt- daytya potential war.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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