Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Lakshmi asking Mahadev to get Narayan back.Mahadev tells her how can he get him back when she herself doesnt realize her mistake?.Parvati tells a defiant Lakshmi that you have always helped me,but how did you fail to realize the diffrence between right and wrong?.She knows Mahadev has many people residing in Mahadevs heart-the world,Narayan,all his Bhakts,still she never is upset about it,beacuse she knows that she has a special place in his heart.It doesnt matter whether it is greater or lesser than anyone else.

Mahadev tells her-that a relationship has no place for supicsion or doubt,and recalls how Sati’s not beliving him and going and testing Ram,brought thier relationship into troubeled waters,and reminds her of Satis unfortunate death.He says you were there while all this happened,how could you do the same?.

Lakshmi begs Mahadev to bring Narayan back,and even Parvati requests Mahadev for the same.Mahadev agrees.

Narayan is enjoying himself when Mahadev arrives in Patalok(in his Vrushabh Avataar),causing a mini earthquake in Patalok.The Guards of the Palace try to send him away but Mahadev defeats them.
The Guards inform Narayan of the intruder and Narayan comes out to fight with Mahadev.

Once Mahadev and Narayan are face to face Narayan attempts to attack Mahadev,but Mahadev defeats him.Vishnu continues to attack Mahadev and Mahadev continues defeating him.

As the years pass by the fight between them continues.The Devtas are worried as the fight seems to have no end.Bramhadev tells them the fight will only end when Mahadev attacks Narayan and he realizes who Mahadev really is,after which Narayan will regain his memory back.

Meanwhile at Kailash as the years pass by Parvati is upset and worried.Ganesha comes are tries to console her.Parvati tells him he doesnt realize the gravity of the situation-in this fight no one is winning,neither is anyone loosing,this fight will continue forever,and hence Mahadev will never to return to Kailash.

Ganesha assures Parvati he will do something and stop the fight,and get Mahadev back.

Meanwhile Mahadev and Narayan are still fighting.Narayan and Mahadev both attack each other at the same time.Episode Ends.

Celebrations in Kailash on Mahadevs most favorite day-Mahashivratri.Mahadev is getting ready for his wedding and his Baarat leaves,with Ganesha dancing with the Damru right at the front(how cute!)

Update Credit to: shruti

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