Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kumari see shivling and tries to touch it and see shadow of mahadev. She gets everything while touching shivling. Kumari calls mahadev. banasur calls kumari’s parents. Banasur says, my soldiers gets defeated by your daughter. My problem is with you not your daughter. YOu know who is my God. You tried to get rid your daughter with mahadev. It is evil. Kumari mother says, i know we have done wrong but it is for our daughter wellness. Banasur says, what happen with sorry. I personally meet with kumari and tell her about mahadev. Indra gets tensed about banasur and kumari’s meeting. Indra says, we should stop him. Dev guru says, narayan is already present there and he knows everything well. Indra says, kumari knows little bit about mahadev then she got worried and if she will know the complete truth then she will definitely marry with mahadev after that how will banasur get killed.
Banasur changed his face and says to kumari, hey girl. YOu are trying to hiding yourself. If you are feeling something then be it. Kumari says, my guruji helps me for this. I dont need your help. Kumari says, who are you, come in your actual face. Banasur says, i am who is searching you in all girls. Kumari says, maharaj banasur. Banasur says, i am feeling guilty about mistake. YOu are searching what you are hiding. Kartikaye and Ganesh ji comes and says, banasur, if you will say something then think that it will near to your death. Banasur says, what kind of children you are. YOu are trying to seperate them, now i have clear the path of mahadev and adi shakti. Narayan comes in front of mahadev and feels guilty that he will get rid of mata with mahadev. It is really painful for me mahadev. But it is happiness too for me that i will talk with kumari about my God. Kumari parents comes and say, sorry to kumari. Menawati comes and says, we should leave everything on her guru. Kartikaye says, go and wait for your guru. Kumari father says, we have done wrong with my daughter. Kartikaye says, are you believing that person who has done wrong with village girls. Menawati says, kumari is born for some important task and it should be necessary that we will not talk about mahadev in front of kumari. Narayan interrupts and says, we should tell everything to kumari about mahadev. Narayan assures her parents. Ganesh ji ask, if we will tell everything about father to kumari then what will happen. Narayan says, then it is really difficult for us to stop kumari.
Banasur says, Ganesh, kartikaye and narayan will not allow me to meet with kumari. It will happen only by kumari’s mother and father. Soldier comes in front of banasur. Banasur says, call to kumari mother and father and says them, tomorrow kumari marriage will happen and arrange meal. Narayan meet with kumari and starts his knowledge class about mahadev.
Kumari worships to mahadev. Narayan says, kumari, today i will give your answer of your every question. Kumari ask, who is mahadev. Narayan says, nobody is mahadev and mahadev is everything. Before understanding mahadev, you must understand about tridev. Bhram, vishnu and mahesh.

Precap:- Kumari mother says, banasur menacing us about kumari marriage then kumari says, sent my announcement to banasur then i will accept his proposal but it will happen only when mahadev will marriage with me.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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