Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th June 2013 Written Update

Indr regrets for his deeds.. he had everything (but did he check his .. *brain?* don’t think so) and says that if at all he was given that one last chance, he wouldn’t do any mistake! (self esteem namki cheez hai?)
He could realize what all he could have done when he was given the chance, but now he also realizes that doing any good deed wouldn’t make him deserving of the devraj thrown ever!
Indr further says that he doesn’t even have the eligibility to apologize for all the wrongs he has done.
Even after all that has happened Indr says that he has not come there to apologize, but to ask (hatteri..fir kuch mangne aya hai!) he asks for devotion, for redemption – for the boon of tapaschariya. (Shukracharya’s expression was like ‘natak

baaz’) Its that day when he is gonna apologize when he earns the eligibility of standing in front of Mahadev.

Saying so Indr falls on Mahadev’s feet and weeps..
Mahadev then replies that getting elixir can make someone’s life eternal, but vivek ( wisdom) can perish . Mahadev continues to say that this is the first time when Indr is indeed sorry for his deeds and now he needs to endure in his tapp… its then he would be qualified to apologize.

Back at Kuber’s place..
Dasanan is welcomed warmly at his brother’s Lanka. Dashanan comes straight to the point abiut asking Kuber his pushpak vimaan. On asked the reason he says that he wanted to go to Kailash on it..

But Kuber informs him that it cannot possibly breach the airs of Kailash cause its powerful divine energy.
Hearing this Dashanan says that he is Mahadev’s bhakt and he can go to Kailash anytime he wishes to.

Kuber says that arrogance is equal to bane… D tells Kuber that since he has everything in excess such advice doesn’t suit him!
D demands him the pushpak viman… Kuber tells that whatever he says he need to take that as a warning.. apart from that if anyone asks anything from him for the service of Mahadev he’d give it away.

At Kailash
Indr stands on his feet and moves on.. on his way away from Mahadev at the gathering he finds Kartikeya standing, Indr stops by and looks at him. Poor Kartikeya is confused as to why is Indr staring at him like that.. Indr turns back and asks Mahadev if he could give a suggestion on electing the next dev raj!
Mahadev gives him a nod.. he utters “Kumar Kartikeya”
Kartikeya is shocked & surprised to here this!

Indr confesses that he always used to be insecure of his position in view of Kartikeya’s valor.


Nahush is made the new devraj.. he is crowned at Kailash.
All are happy at this.
Parvati devi asks Mahadev to advice Nahush on being a devraj!

Mahadev tells Nahush that the position that he has got is like a serpent and on the inside it is very poisonous.. he needs to be alert.
Nahush assures him that he’d do whatever it takes to be a good devraj..

Dashanan is hell bent on taking Mahadev with him to his place as he knows that Mahadev wouldn’t leave Kailash.
The trimmers are felt by Kartikeya, Mahadev, Ganesh and Nandi.. as to such thing never happened at Kailash.. what’s happening!….

Update Credit to: killer_shark

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