Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th September 2013 Written Update

Mahadev appears before Andhak…lol he gets these x-ray vision of Mahadev being around. He recognizes its Mahadev and kneels down with his hand folded in front of him, he says that he heard about him(Shiva) from Devrishi Narad for the first time. He says that he is honoured to meet Mahadev.

Shiva tells that its an insult when one fakes devotion, and also that whatever thought he has hid insid of the darkness of his not everyone wouldn’t know it, it better for his actions if does what he speaks.

Andhak says that its the first time when someone had actually read his thoughts.

At Kailash as Parvati devi does her sadhna, she is disturbed by the devas.
(Viola! the devtas have new jewelry!)
Indr calls Pavati devi and she opens her eyes; he says the agenda of their meet is to discuss about Andhak’s issue. Indr tells that previously too they have faced pbs from Shivanshs like Jal etc.. Parvati devi asks him to cut the crap and come to the point straight. Indr inquires on everyone’s and his behalf that when these issues of messed Shivansh will carry on!

Parvati devi tells them that Mahadev has gone to meet Andhak citing the same issue, on that Indr tells what will one meeting change? They all know what pigheaded guy he is and nothing is gonna help it anyway. And if this sequence of SHivansh’s continue how will the world be bettered?

Indr says that he isn’t saying it all by himself, all the devtas are on the same page who where troubled by Shivanshs, and he also tells that Mahadev himself has played blind towards the wrong deed of Shivanshs.

Parvati devi informs him that it was her faukt, cause of her Mahadev lost focus on his meditation, Indr replies that even they are saying the same, that Devon ke Dev Mahadev himself loses focus on his own duties then
what can they expect of others!

Indr takes things a bit too far saying, even though Mata Parvati has taken the blame on herself, but why Mahadev being Trikaldarshi stop the thing to happen?

Parvati devi is angered and hurt, tells what and of whom is he talking about?

Back to Andhak, he tells his mind that he got to know how unique, and important he is this day or else Dev rishi Narad and this day Mahadev wouldn’t have come to meet him. He asks what’s the catch, is he becoming so great or greatly terrible?

Mahadev tells its his choice to choose if his story be great or terrible, sad or happy.

Parvati devi asks Ind to mind his words and so did all, they all know how Indr’s memory is weak but they all too have forgotten, she points out her curse on Agnidev on stealing her child that he won’t be able to differentiate between good or bad while burning; who was it who went against his wife’s will and saved him?

ANd Sury dev?
How coul he forget when Rahu wanted to take revenge on him while samdrmanthan! Its Mahadev who saved the day.

And Chandr dev!? WHen Mahadev is being accused of being ignorant towards the wrong, what would have happened if Mahadev had ignored him when he was suffering n dying of Prajapati Daksh’s curse!

And Indr dose she has to remind him of how many innumerable times Mahadev has forgiven him and gave a chance for redemption?

Parvati devi asks then, what has gone into them for they accuse the one who happily consumed the vish during the samudrmantha fiasco!
Its so easy for them to blame.

Back here Andhak is surprised and proud to know that he has the caliber to bring down Mahadev himself to warn him!
He introspects what did he do btw, just took an innocent revenge not that he killed someone?
And what would he be doing in the future? Andhak says he is talking to himself sometimes as he is visually impaired!

Mahadev tells him that he himself has chosen the path of darkness even though he had a chance when Brhmdev was to give him a boon, and now he expects sympathy!

Andhak asks for apologize to Mahadev for his past wrongs, besides he has shown him the correct path and feel grateful; he also says that he won’t let Mahadev down in the future.

Back at AAyodhya, Dashrath is devastated about Kaykeyi’s wishlist!
Raam goes to his father and seeks what was wrong. Then Kaykeyi tells that the pb is that his father loves him so much, she tells Ram about the two promises that Dashtha gives to her and if he wants his father to be free from this dharm sankat he needs to accept the clause.

Raam tells that its his great fortune to follow the orders of ones parent, getting wisdom from the rishis at forest, he’d be blessed!

He has permission from both his father and his mother and knowing that Bharat is gonna get the kingdom, its like the universe is working for n with him for this.
He says that as soon as his father gets well, he’ll talk to him and taking his permit he’ll leave for the exile!
Her promise will be followed, as the rule of Raghukul reeti that promise one makes is above everything.

Indr asks for forgiveness to Parvati ma, but Mahadev is still responsible for the blunder like Andhak.
This anger Parvati devi, and her Adi Shakti roop starts to emit fierce energy. Mahadev asks her to calm down, Mahadev appear, they all pay there respect to Shiva and seeing Parvati devi’s anger devtas disappear in fear!

MAta Parvati requests Shiva that she would coax Andhak into her motherly love and takes promise from Mahadev that he wouldn’t interfere.
As Mata Parvati goes to him in the attire of a sadhvi, it rains and the feel and sound of the droplets touching her is observed by Andhak.
NAradji discuss at Brhmlok that Andhak shouldn’t have such impious feeling for his mother like Parvati devi.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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