Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th August 2013 Written Update

Naradji on his Kailash visit, asks Mahadev, Ravan is under the impression, he can lift the Dhanush, since he was able to lift the mount Kailash. Mahadev says except Sita only an Avatar of Narayan can lift that Dhanush. Neither his bhakti or shakti will work here.
Ravan remembers Mahadev’s words . Mandodari trys to convince him not to go for the Yagya. Meghnad comes, says, Mahadev is not father’s shubh chintak. He must go to the Yagya. He goes on with his ranting, is stopped by Ravan, who says he knows what to do, will go to the Yagya, will tie the bow on that Shiv Dhanush, will marry Sita & get her here. Then only his revenge will be over.
Anjani, when asked about where is Hanuman, says he is Pavan putra, it is not known when he will be here,

he is busy helping needy. They’ll have to wait. Ganesh says it’s good to help others.
Smiling Ram comes to rishi Vishwamitra. Ram asks if he is in any dilemma. He says, after knowing your reality, I am thinking how to address you. But a Guru’s duty is the biggest. Ram asks for his blessings. Also wants to know when will they see the Shiv Dhanush? Very soon says rishi VIshwamitra. Ram asks is there anything else he is upposed to do? Vishwamitra says yes.
Ram tells Lakshman, they’ll get samagri for Guru’s puja.
Sita is with 2 dasis. One of them asks Sita, how did she find those 2 prince? Sita says, she saw her World in those two eyes.
Here Sita with 2 dasis & Ram with Lakshman are in a market, where wind chimes are sold too.
Ram sees a Conch in a shop, picks up. Sita is drawn towards that shop too. Ram & Sita both are window shopping. Now Ram is drawn too towards her. Both come face to face. Ram smiles initially but leaves after some time.
Anjani & Parvati both are discussing about running behind their kids to feed them in their childhood. Ganesh says he never troubled her for food. Kartikeya tells him but he made her cook max for him. Ganesh asks how did Maruti get his name? Anjani answers your father gave him that name. Now Kartikeya, Ganesh wants to know that story.
Someone comes running screaming didi, she is Urmila. Sita asks why is she always in hurry? Urmila asks why is she always so calm? Both tell each other they should get a life partner, who is like them & can understand them well.
Anjani tells Maruti, his food is ready. But Maruti runs at wind’s speed. She just wonders where is he. He is hiding behind a tree, but his tail is seen. He is on a tree now. Anjani tells him, if he is not here soon, may not get food. Maruti comes down, calling her Ma.

Precap: Indra is back. Rahu sees Maruti flying towards the Su. He comes to Indra tells him, a powerful child is seen going towards the Sun. He may turn ut to be very strong, when grown up. Indra gets jealous, He throws a weapon on child Maruti.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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