Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banasur ask Mahadev of there is any other worrier who has the capability of fighting him..Shiva says there is one…who’ll destroy his arrogance and defeat him. Mahadev asks Bs to go and hoist the flag in his kingdom and wait till the flag falls which signifies his downfall.
BS thanks Mahadev to warn him…

Parvati ma and all are hurt…Mahadev speaks to K..he says thta he knows BS never defeated him and he himself has embraced defeat..K says that he wants to give up sSenapati as he to honour Maahadev’s word got himself defeated, but in the war field its not the situation but the result that matters. And he has lost and has been incapable of carrying fwd the duty.

Naradj discuss abt K’s thing, being a great warrior he thinks he has lost..but the truth is the contrasting thing. Brhmdev says that its the greatness of Mahadev’s family. If he wanted he would have shown BS his right position and destroyed his arrogance…but he didn’t interfere in the destiny’s work.he honoured Narayan’s leela..

Naradji asks if they could stop Mahadev n Narayan’s encounter against each other…Brhmdev tells that Parshuuraam will try to stop BS.

BS goes to Parshuraam who was meditating…
K puts his crown on the feet of Mahadev..Shiva says he doesn’t have to do that…Indr seconds Mahadev says…
K replies that h e has already made it clear that if he is incapable of justifying his position as Senapati of teh devas he’d resign.
Ganesh tries to assure his big bro that BS is stupid, he doesn’t need to worry abt BS’s words..he asks mParvati am to speak here.. she tells taht she is proud of her son..and whatever he has decided he must have thought abt it calmly…

BS asks Parshuram to wake up from his meditation and see Trikoadhi pati BS has arrived…
BS’s stupidity annoys Parshuram and he lifts his weapon…BS says he has to bow down to him…as Parshuram moved forth to attack..he sees Mahadev’s shadow behind BS and he stops.
BS tells he is very smart that everyone has lost..and even he has to bow forth him..Parshuram tells him to leave. BS says its he who has to say that…Parshuram tells that Mahadev gave him powers to him so taht he can honour his ancestors name and he is misusing them…he can check the histroy that whoever has misused their powers always lost.
BS tells that immotal all this go Parshuam did feel like that..and always the gods, devtas, rishis and humans got that opportunity now when an asura has done that why does everyone has pb wit it//

Parshuram tells that its true that whoever has Mahadev’s protection cant be defeated but..
But how capable is he to get defeated…
BS challenges PR to fight..PR says he doesn’t wanna fight wid BS..that means he accepts his defeat..PR tells that he doesn’t want to create a situation where Mahadev gets troubled to protect a foolish and undeserving bhakt as BS.
Who can defeat another who has gotten defeated by himself..Besides Mahadev has cleared that the one who is gonna kill BS has already taken birth…he’ll destroy BS’s arrogance. PR says that he won’t meddle in the fate’s work!
Naradji and Bhmdev observe this and discuss whats gonna happen next…the later says that now the inevitable will happen..Mahadev n narayan’s face to face war..
K tells Mahadev taht he wants some alone time for meditation..
K gives his reverence to his parents n leaves..

Chitralekha appears at a palace..she talks to herself..that she has seen every palace there to search the guy who appeared in Usha’s dreams..

Krishn N Balram have a maze fight…Chitralekha sees them and reminds
of Usha’s description of the person…the person is well built, skin glows..the arm jewelery which has a peacock design.
Krishna gets defeated by Balram..Balram says he is becoming good in the maze game..Krishna says that there is more for him to learn from his bro.

Krishna is introduced to his perfect form..

BS addresses his subject who sing his praise ‘Banasur ki jai’
Now Bs says that they should use ‘Trilokadhi pati Banasur ki jai, as he has defeated Prashuram, Balram and K’
Vani asks what was Mahadev’s reaction on K’s defeat.. BS says as any father would have on seeing his kid defeated., he was angered but even in that he has given a boon to his bhakt..he said that there is a warrior who willl kill him and says all abt the flag thing..

BS boasts himself. as there is no one as powerful as him..he asks her to give
the news to Usha..

Brhmdev tells that BS has no clue as his daughter’s future is linked with someone..
Krishna walks…


Krishna comes..
Soneone informs him that asura have attacked them..he decides to wage a war…
Parvati devi dances in anger..Mahadev tries to calm her down but she doesn’t..
The Mahadev stomps his trishul to stop Parvati ma

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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