Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeing Maharashi Halahal getting beaten up by villagers, Mansa comes out, tells them to stop. Seeing her in anger they all run away. Maharshi Halahal understands Mansa can be calmed down only if he absorbs her energy. He does so. Thinks his wish of dying through Mahadev’s energy is getting fulfilled. He explains to Mansa, his end is near. Mansa refuses to accept. He tells her to get the Shivling from the house, it’s his last wish. He prays to fulfill his wish of seeing him. Mahadev appears. Seeing his aaradhya, he closes his eyes. Mahadev leaves. Mansa comes out. Seeing him dead, gets angry. Says all praying, worshipping to Devas is farud, false. Vasuki was watching this from a distance, comes near her, tells her he is her bro, will take care of her now. She refuses to accept him inspite of making her understand.

She says now the World will have to pay for her father’s loss. He was everything for her.

Mahadev & Parvati are watching her. Paravti tell him, Mansa is not aware of the fact about her true self. Mahadev says she’s just lost a father, who was everything for her. Her energy coming out as her anger may destroy herself.

Vasuki asks Diti to make Mansa understand. Diti trys to calm her down but is unable to bear her energy. She tells Vasuki, only Mahadev can calm her down. Vasuki prays to Mahadev.

At Kailash, Mahadev tells Parvati, they will have to go to Nagaloka.

Precap: Ardi as per his boon takes Ganesh’s form, hits Kartikeya. Ardi then says in Mahdev & Parvati’s absence Kailash belongs to him.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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