Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th December 2013 Written Update

Nandi expresses his concern over condition of animals on Earth. They are treated badly by Human. Mahadev & Parvati console him.
Mahadev is standing at the bank of Maan sarovar. Parvati comes there, tells him, one moment of happiness with Purush seems infinite to Prakriti. He tells her Prakriti’s thoughts affects the World. One moment of happiness feels like infinite moments similarly one moment of sorrow too seems infinite.
Both are ready to leave Kailash. Nandi asks them he is Pashupatinath won’t he do something for animals on Earth? Paravti tells him at this very moment that process has already started. In the kingdom of Pandiyan king Aridaman. This task will be accomplished by my devotee Manika. They take Nandi’s leave.
In Pandian

king’s court, he is informed about lack of Horses for his army. He asks the reason for shortage of Horses. His minister tells him, many have become old, some have died & others have been killed in war. King orders Manika to arrange 10,000 horses. Manika asks why do they need so many Horses, but the king stops him, Manika agrees to get the Horses. On the way he says lot of monety will be used to buy such a big no. of Horses. Instead of that this money could have been used for welfare of people. He is greeted by 2 people on the way. They ask him is he going to the person who treats sick animals? He worships them understands their language. You must hurry now, may reach there at night. Manika gets excited to meet that person.
Brhmaji & Naradji are worried over absence of the Devas of 5 elements. Indra is not taking this situation seriously.
At Swarga, Indra sees his Swarga is not damaged much by Asuras. Some Devas boast, because of their presence, Asuras couldn’t harm much. Indra is worried about Kamdhenu’s absence, thinks Asuras must have taken her with them to Patal loka. He must go & inform Mahadev but stops thinking Mahadev may give Kamdhenu to Asuras.
They see Kamdhenu in front of them in form of a woman. She complains to Indra about Asuras torchering her. It was his duty to protect her. Indra replies, he was concerned about much bigger cause, protecting himself & his interests. She seemed allright to him. Kamadhenu is thinking, is worried.
The Devas of 5 elements are in the Kingdom of the Mysterious King. They ask that man, about his king respecting Power. He says their King likes Power but not those who consider themselves strong because of their Power. Devas seem confused & bit scared. They ask him how is he related to the King? He answers, he is the minister of that King. Devas are wondering about their welcome, as promised by that man. He tells them, their King is informed about their arrival.
Later Indra defends himself when Brihaspati tells him about protecting Kamdhenu, as she nourishes many at Swarga. He says her condition at Swarga is much better then the animals on Earth.

Precap: Rishis are worried about missing Kamdhenu, if she is in wrong hands, they may misuse her. Manika is surprised seeing a man worshipping a Cow, who is Mahadev is disguise. Manika asks him to show a way to make his king understand about animals. He answers, tomorrow.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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