Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kartikaye tied up his weapons and gone to give protection to dev then ganesh ji stops them and says, where are you going? Kartikaye says, i am going to give protection to devta. Ganesh ji says, so you are opposing father’s decision. Kartikayen says, i dont know anything but i know only one thing that i will fulfill my duty so thats why i will give protection to devta. Ganesh ji says, ok, but you just go and take permission to pitaji. Kartikaye says, but if father will deny me to go then asur will kill devta’s. Ganesh ji says, we have to take permission from our parents before doing any work.
Indra gets tensed about kartikaye then rishi says, i am tensed about kartikaye and mahadev relation, what happen if their relation will spoil. Kartikaye gone to meet mahadev. Mahadev ask from kartikaye, what you want to say? Kartikaye says, i am going to fulfill my duty. Mahadev says, i am giving you boon but keep in mind that this yagya is for generating weapon and due to this, world will can be destroyed. Kartikaye says, world can be destroyed by rohitang manner. Mahadev says, this is your decision but you will responsible for your decision. Kartikaye ask, tell me one thing that if you will not give rohitang to andhak then nothing will happen or you can bring back rohitang to kailash and now i also dont have any option. Kartikaye takes blessing from mahadev and says, please forgive me but i am not able to understand the situation. Kartikaye takes permission from mahadev. Mahadev says, how you wil decide my decision. if any one will doubt me then how will i assure that person.
Rohitang does practise and says, mahadev is really cruel if he will love me then he will bring me back. Indra says, dont think that i am not worried about mahadev but i am not mahadev and i am worried about all devta and swarg lok and i dont have any option. Kartikaye reaches there then indra says, i am really feeling happy to see you here, you always fulfil your duties. Agni dev says, devraj indra cannot stand up from their place so we have to make this place secure.
Rohitang run in alone place and says, why will i cannot free from feeling of mahadev, do i want to meet with him? NO, i cannot meet with my enemy. I have so many question but with whom will i ask?
Ganesh comes to meet mata and see food plate for kartikaye and ask, bhaiya is not here then why will you serve this plate? I am unable to present bhaiya here but you are jagdamba, can you present bhaiya and bhaiya and father’s relation is going to bad. can you make correct this situation. mata says to ganesh ji, mother heart is really full of mercy, river cannot leave a drop of water then how will i leave our child. Ganesh ji says, devi bhumi cannot live without a single tree then how will she live without rohitang. Mata says, yes putra, i am also really worried about rohitang. Ganesh ji says, you are jagdamba, you can bless anybody and i heard that you do that you think and my birth is also due to your decision. YOu should give your mercy to rohitang. Mata says, you have ask my hearts wordings and now taste this food. Ganesh ji says, you like to worship and i want that rohitang will also worship you, is this possible maa? Mata says, yes putra…

Precap:- Andhak calls to rohitang and andhak transform their face into mahadev and says, now i will complete this war.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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