Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th September 2013 Written Update

Mahadev & Parvati , sitting on the rock at kailash. They are trying to see Andhak and sees,Andhak is He is continuously cutting , his body parts with a knife and dedicates his blood to Brahmadev. Brahmadev and Narad are seeing him doing that. Andhak doesn’t stop doing that and goes ahead with cutting his flesh and at last he puts the knife into his own eyes and says He hopes that brahmadev is now impressed. Brahama dev leaves to Andhak immediately .
Andhak is happy and Brahmadev asks whether he wants his eyes back to see and start a new life. Andhak says he wants to see but not with his eyes but with his ears. Brahmadev says yes. Andhak he asked that because Brahmadev wanted to offer that, and now he wants something else. Brahmadev asks

what does he want. He says he wants immortality . Nothing rather than that he wants. Brahmadev says , ask something else.
Andhak says he doesn’t know what he’ll do with that light. He doesn’t want anything related to light. He wants Darkness. This darkness had come to his life from the day he is born and it will go with his death only. Brahmadev says Tathastu and disappears.
Parvati says ,indeed andhak’s wait is over , but she wants him to be filled with light. Mahadev says that has to be chosen by Andhak only. Light has gone from his life now. Mahadev things in his mind that parvati has to be careful that she has to chose whether she has to improve him or kill him.
At Ayodhya Kaikeyi says to Manthara that how is her necklace , she will wear in on Ram’s coronation ceremony. Manthara tries to influence her with her plan. She says Kaikeyi will only be a maid to them as It was Dashrath’s plan so he sent Bharat to his maternal home and then he announced Ram’s Coronation here. Kaikeyi Says Manthara that she should not try to influence her and she is a home breaker nothing much.
Manthara starts to leave. But Suddenly Maa Saraswati comes and provokes Manthara again those things. Manthara says those words again . Kaikeyi says she doesn’t want to be a Maid at all. Now she will do what Manthara said and she should guide her now as she waked her up. Manthara says it’s a full night for tomorrow’s morning . And doesn’t she remember those boons she had to ask Raja Dashrath. Kaikeyi is now happy.
Andhak is walking with putting a cloth on his eyes and then he is trying to test himself and puts his arrow at just aiming with his ears. Then his brothers are coming towards him and he identifies their position by just hearing the sound of their feet. And It seems to be a fight within them.
Mahadev sees everything whats happening and is upset.

Precap: Mahadev says , Andhak is not a life , its just a psyche , and sooner it will be ahead with that darkness. Devraj Indra is in Kailash and Asks maata parvati who is in her meditation that if Mahadev is Trikal Darshi How could he do such things. Parvati shouts back and asks that does he know whom he is questioning .

Update Credit to: Celestial

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