Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Nandi is happy to see his  back and decides to apply bhasma’, but Mahadev is lost in thoughts and says no to Nandi and Gann Prets. And then he starts walking. Nandi asks Vishnu whether Mahadev will leave them again, but Vishnu calms down Nandi by saying that he won’t go and Mahadev is back in his normal state, but there is emptiness in his life and the only solution is that he should be united with Devi Sati.

Nandi worries as he remembers that Devi Sati does not want to see Mahadev. Vishnu and Brahma see each other and says that there is only one solution left and they both have to do something to unite Shiva and
At forest, Daksh fuels out all his angeron Sati, saying that she was with one of the biggest

enemies of his family. Rishi Bhrigu tries to calm Daksh but Daksh does not want to listen. He further adds that he tried all the ways to keep Sati away from Shiva, the person who chopped my father’s head and he’s the reason that my father is not worshipped. Daksh also says in angry tone to Sati that she has broken his trust, disobeyed my rules and your silence is killing me. Sati tries to wake up, but faints instantly. This worries her sisters.

At Daksh place, Prasuti is praying to Narayana to keep Sati out of harm’s way. Rishi Kashyap comes there, and tells her that she should not worry as Prajapati Daksh is there. But Prasuti says that she’s getting intuitions that Sati is not okay, and says all the incidence are related to each other. She’s also worried about Daksh hatred ness towards Shiva and she saw that anger in his (Daksh) eyes and he will cross any limits to keep Sati away from Shiva. Hence he asks Rishi Kashyap to go there and inform about what’s going on there.

As Kashyap was about to leave, he sees his son Vasuki there. Vasuki insists to go there, but kashyap tries to stop him by saying that Daksh will not like his presence there. But vasuki says that he’s going there just for Sati as she has always treated him as equal. Sati has always respected me off who I am. Prasuti says yes to Vasuki and both Kashyap and Vasuki leave.

At Kailash, Nandi falls to Mahadev’s feet and starts crying and says that either his lord should be back, or he’ll kill himself. The whole world wants you to be back. Even Vishnu and Brahma were saying this. Mahadev says what difference it would make even if he comes back. Nandi says that creation will start again, but Mahadev says that why should he back when the whole creation will end? Nandi says that he is a bull and what ever tridev’s will say he won’t understand, but he understands one thing that his lord should be back in the same way he was earlier.

There at forest, Rishi Bhrigu tells Rishi Kashyap that an important event will take place as he has studied the planetary motion of Kashyap and his son Vasuki. In future, Vasuki will take a life changing decision and you (kashyap) should support him in this.

At Ksheersagar, Vishnu tells Narad that an important event will take place, which will not only leave an impact on him, but also on Mahadev. This war will be in between a devotee and a God. This war should happen or else Mahadev won’t come out of this Vairagya and this will affect the world. Brahma says that whatever the reasons are, the world will face the consequence. Narad asks for his role in this, to which Vishnu says whatever our roles are, our goal is one – Shiva Shakti’s union.

At forest, Daksh asks why Kashyap is here, but Kashyap tells him Prasuti sent him to know about Sati. Daksh is shocked to see Vasuki here. Bhrigu tells Daksh that Sati is in Yog Nidra, Daksh blames Mahadev for this.

There Mahadev is sitting in Smashan-ghat and he sees Sati is in pain and he opens his eyes. There at forest, Daksh asks Vasuki why he’s here. Vasuki tells him that he is here for Sati and he will do whatever it takes to bring Sati out of this situation. Daksh does not believe him and says that everyone here is capable of taking care of Sati. Does he (Vasuki) to prove that he’s great or he’s here to impress me? Vasuki says that he’s here to help and if the situation demands he will go to Kailash and asks Mahadev to cure Sati. Daksh do not believe in his words and says that he could not save himself from his mother curse how will he cure my daughter. And even if he goes
to Kailash, Mahadev anger will burn him. Vasiki says tat he will happy if mahadev burns him as Daksh will not have to see his face. Daksh asks Vasuki to go.

At Kesheersagar, Vishnu asks Garuda to go and tells Narad that a war will start. Vasuki arrives at Kailash. Mahadev realizes this and he opens his eyes.

Precap: – Rishi Bhrigu tells Rishi Kashyap that two powers Mahadev and Vishnu will collide. A war has started between Mahadev and Vishnu..

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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