Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th June 2013 Written Update

J (Jalandhar) says, you are Sarvagya, Sarvavyapi, Antaryami, Satya himself? Then why are you hesitating to speaking the Truth?
Shivji answers with compassion, Ansh is never separate from the origin. You’ve never been able to stay away from me, nor was I away from you. Answer my questions, have you ever thought, how did you reach Samudradev? There you met Matsyakanya. After her death how did Shukrachary appeared immidiately? How Asuras were united? When Indra attacked you with fainting weapon, how did Vrinda reached there? No one is able to identify movement of Kaal . I have reached at different time in various forms to help you. You were never alone? I was always with you. There was never the need to put my hand on your head, because you have never been away from my lap. Whenever you were hit, I have beared that pain. It was me only who lived as you & will dye too.
Waves in the Sea have their own happiness, unhappiness. But waves are never separated from the Sea. They are always a part of the Sea. It’s time for the Ansh to merge in me. This is not your end but a new beginning. This is just the end of your journey.
Shukracharay comes he blesses J to go ahead in his journey without any burden of Karmas. Says, go Ansh merge in your Origin. Parvati tells him you have paid for your Karmas. After that nothing is left. She too blesses him. J sees his mother & Vrinda in Shivji’s heart. He is ready to leave. Jalandhar, born from Shivji’s Krodhagni, burns, turns in a globe of Fire merges with Shivji, in his 3rd eye, from where he had appeared. Shivji has tears in his eyes.
Parvati meets Kartikeya & Ganesh. Shivji & Parvati walk towards each other. Kartikeya stops Ganesh from going to her. Paravti remembers him helping her as Aadi Yogi & in his real form, with tears in her eyes. She touches his feet. He with teary eyes blesses her. He wipes her tears & the Ksheersagar’s viewers too join other viewers of the battle field. Vishnuji says finally Shiv- Shakti have united. Brhmaji says it’s a good news for this World. Shivji says it’s because of you all. Vishnuji says it’s time for them to leave.
Ganesh says now we all will live at Kailash. Shivji says not now. I want to take your mother away for some time. Ganesh asks where but Kartikeya tells him they need to prepare Kailash to welcome them. Nandi says, he has already stated arranging but still some things are left. Ganesh, looks at Parvati, she nods, he agrees to go to Kailash.
Vishnuji says Purush is incomplete without Prakriti. That’s why after Union, balance has returned in the World. Naradji says that’s true for you too. Vishnuji says Brhmaji is responsible for creation in the World, that’s Godess of Gyan Devi Saraswati is Shakti. I am responsible for maintaining, running the World, so Goddess of wealth Devi Lakshmi is my ardhangini. Shivji is responsible for destruction so Aadi Shakti is his Shakti.
In the battle field Shivji, Parvati are looking at each other.

Precap: Shivji gives the Gajara to Paravti, says these folwers are eager to adorn your hairs.
Lakshmiji tells Vishnuji about the effects of Vrinda’s curse. Vishnuji says Karma will give it’s result.
Ravan is doing penance, sitting on top of a mountain.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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