Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th December 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Dhundiraj telling Devodasa about the negativity and darkness spread all over Kashi, and with Mahadev not here, no one is here to remove it. Dhundiraj also tells about the faults in Devodasa rule Hearing all this, Devodasa fells devastated, and thinks about what he has to the people of Kashi. He decides to leave all the stately affairs, but Daksha comes there and stops him from doing so.

Daksha tells Devodasa that because of misleading directions, he has done injustice to Kashi and your are sole responsible to pull the people out of this misery.Devodas thinks that it is impossible without the help of Mahadev. Therefore Daksha tells Devodasa to go to the same place where he had asked Mahadev to leave Kashi.
Devodasa runs

to that place, remembers about what Mahadev had said to him about his decisions and their consequences, hence yells out for Mahadev. He also decides to leave everything for the sake of Mahadev coming back. Gauri comes there and tells Devodasa that mahadev can come on a small Belpatra.’ Hearing so, Devodasa starts to make a Shivlingam with help of Gauri, offers Belpatra’ and prays Mahadev to come back.

Mahadev and Parvati comes there, and seeing both of them Devodasa bent down on is knees and apalogizes to Mahadev for ordering them to leave Kashi. Mahadev tells Devodasa it was your illusion that was grown from your arrogance. I was never away from you and neither from the people of Kashi. Kashi resides in me. The direction that you(Devodasa) were wrong and misleading and hence your family as well as the people of Kashi had o suffer all this.
But Mahadev is happy that devodasa has turned in to a devotee and an aesthetic. Devodasa is also thankful to Dhundiraj for helping him come out of the situation, Dhundiraj reveals his true identity which stuns Devodasa that Dhundiraja is Lord Ganesha. Both Lord Brahma and Vishnu come to Kashi, and Devodasa welcomes all of them with joy. The whole people of Kashi rejoices.Devodasa also says that from now he will remain as a servant of Gods, which is also the meaning of his name.

Mahadev blesses the lingam made by Devodasa and names it as Devdaseshawara Lingam’ and whoever will worship this lingam will get rid of their darkness and arrogance.
There Mahadev and Parvati arrive at Kailash, and everyone is happy seeing them back. Mahadev thanks the king for allowing both of them stay at Mandarachal Parvat. There all the Gods are heading with a soldier, they decide to take a rest, and the soldier narrates to them the mysterious death of their king’s father which leaves all the gods stunned.
At Kailash, Parvati asks for Nandi as he had not seen him. Gann-Pret tells her that before you both were coming they saw Nandi in his bull form and heading somewhere.Nandi comes back after some time but with his face down.


Precap :- Nandi tells Mahadev about the detoriating condition of animals, there a king decides to perform Garudashwa’ yagna

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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