Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with ganesh ji says to mahadev that i have seen from my childhood days, but i cant get the answer that when will dev and asur will stay together or live happily. Mahadev says, do you really doubt on your father? Ganesh ji says, if i doubt on you then why will i come in front of you. Dev and asur fighting is always in process, its like earth moving. I am really hurted with this.
Dev stopped indra for yagya and says, if mahadev will gives us security then we can do yagya otherwise, no. Indra says, you are talking to me like that you are with asur not with me. RIshi says, dont say anything to vishvakarma. Pawan dev says, lets talk to devta’s sena pati, kartikaye. RIshi says, why will kartikaye help us by going against to mahadev. INdra says, i will try. Mahadev says, i am happy to see that you are thinking about world. Ganesh ji says, i am seeing that people is making big world, weapons for them. Mahadev says, people is doing only for defense but if people will go far from yog theh they will distract from path and they will go far away from path and uneducation will spread in all world. Ganesh ji says, but how will light the world to again regain yog. Mahadev says, if people will not yog only as decoration item then only yog will help to destroy the uneducation. YOu will win when you think that you could win but if you think you will loose then you will lose. Ganesh ji takes blessing from mahadev.
Andhak bring rohitang with him and says, you have taken boon from dharti and you can control anything from your internal power and by this power, nobody confronts you. ROhitang says, but how will i do this bhaiya. Andhak says, forgot everything and concentrate on this wood and think that it is leaf. ROhitang does practise then andhak encourage him. ROhitang lift the wood up. Andhak gets happy and says, see, what i said to you, thats really nice and now concentrate on this stone then rohitang concentrate on him and stone throws on andhak. Rohitang says, dont you get hurted bhaiya. ANdhak says, you must need to know one thing that you should control your power otherwise it is bad for you.
Here Kartikaye practise for war and thinks about andhak. THen indra arise and says, i am here to request you to help us. Indra says, but i dont want to put you on bad situation, mahadev has told us that rohitang is getting bad manners from andhak then vishvakarma give us idea to generate weapons from yagya but mahadev has denied us. Kartikaye says, i couldnot do anything by opposing my father. Indra says, you just follow your duties.
Here andhak bring rohitang to meet nikas.
ANdhak says to nikas, we should gather power then go and pray to brahma dev and get boon from him. Nikas says, my power doesnot depend on any boon. ANdhak says, ok then fight with me. Andhak then beat nikas and says, we will fight with mahadev family, vishnu is sleeping, so worship to brahma dev and get powerful boon. Kartikaye says to mata that i am not satisfy with father decision and i know that this shivansh will also destroy the world, so we have to destroy him but it will not happen when prithvi or else indra handles rohitang.
WHen i have seen jalendar first time then i could not fight with him but i dont have the option then what will i do. Mata says, dont think your past, your father decision will give shape the world into new path. Kartikaye says, pitaji has taken decision that he will not help dev but i am dev’s senappati thats why i will help him.

Precap:- Ganesh ji ask from kartikaye, where are you going? Kartikaye says, i am going to give protection to dev. Ganesh ji says, but it is against to father

Update Credit to: Tushar

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