Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Parvati coming before Adi Yogi after having a bath.He tells her to go and bath again.This continues to happen another 2-3 times,Parvati is infuriated on being asked to bathe again and again.Adi Yogi tells her she will have to keep doing this,till the point that she feels each and every drop of water on her body.

An infuriated Parvati leaves and is stopped by Mahadev outside.He taunts her saying that is this the Dyaan your Guru is teaching you.Parvati tells him off saying that he shouldn’t talk about her Guru like that.He tauntingly again says that she herself doesnt seem to believe in him.Parvati says she will do whatever her Guru asked her to do and make sure she accomplished it!.

Meanwhile Jalandhar takes all the asurs with him, and is holding a pot.On his way he drops a few gold coins and then puts the pot on top of a house.The Asurs realize what fell down were gold coins,Jalandhar tells them the pot contains gold coins,whoever climbs up and gets it,the Gold will be his.All the Asurs begin to clamor for the gold as Jalandhar has a smirk on his face.

Mena and Himavan meanwhile ask Mahadev what does his this leela mean?.
Mahadev says that in search for materialistic pleasures,we forget the smallest experiences in life-be it even having a bath.
When we realize the smallest pleasures-like that of having each drop fall on our body while bathing,its then that we are awakened from within.Thus by doing this Parvati will be ready for her next step.

Parvati goes near the bathing place and steps into the pond,and pours water over her head.And then slowly she herself realizes each and every drop on her body,and she begins to glow.

Jalandhar on the other hand is staring at his Asur companions,none of them have been able to get the pot down.He says only a Maha-Asur can do this.They ask who is Maha-asur.Jalandhar points at them all and says all of youll are Maha-Asurs,together all of youll can do it,and get the pot down.

So they form a pyramid and get the pot down only to find it empty.They ask where is the gold?.Jalandhar says that if they fight together like this,in unity,then one day they will have not one but several pots filled with the Devtas Gold.

The Asuras decide to fight together,and begin to shout “Jai Jalandhar”.Shukracharya is smiling.

Back at Himavans palace Mahadev in his original form is sitting with Ganesha.He tells Ganesha he finds it very hard to act himself,but Ganesha is doing so well,despite the fact that he must be longing for his mother.Yet he keeps his act together for the sake of the great outcome that will come from the effort.Hence he names him “Natesh”

Ganesha gets sad,and hugs his father(awww…).He then wipes his tears and asks Mahadev,what is next?.

Mahdev says that Parvati has crossed one phase,now she goes to the next,and now she will have to go to Kashi to meet somebody.Somebody who is from her past life.

Mahadev is about to say that persons name when Parvati enters.

He and Gunesh gather thier act and Mahadev becomes Adi Yogi again.Parvati touches his feet and takes his blessings.

He tells Parvati now you have to go to Kaashi.There you will meet some people who will know you,however you have to go there in disguise.He asks Gunesh to accompany her to Kashi.Parvati and Gunesh leave.

Meanwhile at the Asura camp,Jalandhar comes to seek his blessings.Shukracharya is worried.He says that Jalandhar will still have a hard time defeating the Devtas.

There is this one Asur who helps the Devtas,gives them inside information of the asur camp,and the Devtas pay him well.No body will dare stand up to him,they all are small in number.

Jalandhar smirks and says his name is Swarnasur isnt it?.And tells Shukrachrya he will go and fight with him.Shukracharya expresses his concern saying that his Asurs wont be able to fight.

Jalandhar smirks and says i am taking them only for Show-I AM going to do the actual fighting .And promises that he will defeat Swarnasur and his army and emerge victorious without any blood shed.

Parvati goes to Kashi.
Jalandhar takes responsibility of the Asuras army.
Indradev(as usual) is worried,saying that under Jalandhar the Asur army is getting stronger.
Bramhadev wonders if they are doing the wrong thing by not telling Mahadev.

Update Credit to: shruti.nil

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