Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene-1- Kishkindha

Hanuman ji is meditating and praying to Lord shiva. He is very disturbed. He is confused about the path his life is taking. He feels his lifr has stopped moving ahead. He knows his life is meant for someone else but for whom he does not know.

Scene-2 Kailash

Devi Parvati is worried about Hanuman ji and asks Mahadev when he will get his peace. Mahadev says he will not only get his peace but will also get Ram!!. Devi Parvati says that Hanuman is too confused and he should atleast get a sign of what is to come, she says she understands the pain of unanswered questions too well.

Scene -3 Kishkindha
Mahadev comes down to Hanuman. Hanuman ji says that O Lord you gave me the path of knowledge and I got great wisdom from the Sun God but life still seems meaningless. What is my aim, for what have I come? There are too many questions. Who will answer them? Who will show me the way?
Mahadev says Hanuman, I have given you the path of knowledge, but there is another path, the path of devotion . On the path of devotion there is no showing of the way. There is only the goal of meeting the Lord and there is only the excitement of meeting him. One day someone will show you the path of devotion. You are seeking a solution but in reality you are the solution.

Scene-4 Ayodhya

King Dashrath asks Guru Vashishth’s permission for the announcement. Vashishtha agrees and Dashrath announce Shree Ram’s coronation Ceremony will be held in the morning. The announcement is also made in the entire empire. Lakshman says that Ram is the right ruler not because he is eldest but because he is the best, Everyone is very happy except Manthara…

Scene -5 Kailash/ Bramhalok

All the Gods and Goddesses come to Brmhalok and express their joy at the news of Ram’s coronation
Lord Brmha doesn’t seem to be happy and Indra Dev asks for the reason
At the same time at Kailash devi Parvati asks for reason for Mahadev’s thoughtful expression at the happy news. Mahadev explains to Parvati and Brmha ji tells Indra that becoming king of Ayodhya is not the goal of Ram. His goal is to kill Ravan. If he becomes King at the moment his responsibilities will not let him achieve his devine goal. Devendra suddenly understand the gravity of the situation and requests Devi Sarasvati to influence someone’s mind and get the decision changes. Devi Sarasvati says that she is the Goddess of knowledge and this type of thing is against her principles. Indra says that she need not influence anyone’s mind but there is already an evil mind in Ayodhaya ( Manthara is shown) which needs just some direction
Sarasvati devi still is not convinced but Branha dev tells her it is for a noble cause and the world will remember her for this. She reluctantly agrees.

Scene-6 Patal Lok

Andhak is shown disturbed and agitated and worried that his brothers will kill him. He tries to understand what his limitation is and comes to the conclusion that his fear is his limitation and he must win over his fears
He starts to do Tapas and it influences the whole world
Bramha dev and Mahadev have a divine communication in which Brmha dev says it’s time to give another boon and Mahadev says it is fate

Andhak sacrifices blood and flesh/ Mahadev says Brmha had given final chance to Andhak but he has not taken it

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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