Devon ke Dev Mahadev 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parvati feels uncomfortable when Ardi comes near him to take her blessings. She remembers Andhak’s words. She tells him he is not coming to Kailash.

Sapta rishis meets Mahadev, expresses their worries for Maharshi Halahal’s health. Mansa’s energy is affecting him. Mahadev says Maharshi Halahal is aware of that. They ask him will he save his devotee? Mahadev says some Yugas back a daitya wanted to end his life through my energy. He tried a lot but couldn’t as his life span was not over. He did penance for many Yugas. He is known as Maharshi Halahal now. Being with Mansa is the only way his wish to end life through my energy can be fulfilled. Rishi Bhrigu says no one can understand the manner in which he is working for betterment of his devotee. They leave Kailash.

Mansa asks Maharshi Halahal, has he seen his Aaradhya? He answers his Aaradhya is every where. She asks permission to go to the forest. He tells him, he is always worried whenever she goes out. She needs to control her anger as he may not be always with her. She says, you’ll always be with me to calm me down. Whenever she sees something wrong happening, her anger takes over her. A strange energy over takes her. Then she looses control.  But if your Aaradhya is every where, he must be seeing us & will always keep you with me. Mahadev is watching this. Rishi Halahal lets her go to the forest.

Before Ardi’s training starts, he praises Kartikeya, Ganesh, Nanadi. They all look at him with suspicion. Mahadev tells him to learn from him, Ardi needs to be steady, patient. Ardi says he is. Mahadev asks him to defeat Nandi to prove himself. Ardi & Nandi fight. Nandi defeats him. Nandi goes to Mahadev after defeating him. Ardi attacks him from back. Nandi was ready for this attack. He handles Ardi well. Ardi falls down. Nandi tells him, his father too attacked him from back. Ardi asks him to forgive his father for
that mistake. Mahadev tells him, feeling of revenge is quite obvious, he needs to practice a lot to remain steady. Ardi thinks he is here for betterment of Asuras not to practice those qualities.

Manasa is in forest, sees blood, dead Snake. She asks whoever has done this should come foreword. Those boys had set a trap for her,
she falls in that pit. They start laughing at her.

Precap: One of the boy holds her hand tight. He says they know whenever she is pain, she suffers & they want to see her suffering. She asks him not to do so. But the boy doesn’t listen. Her energy comes out. That bou couldn’t bear the Poison, faints.

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