Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Dhundhiraj is offered different varieties of food by Divodas.
Naradji asks Brhmaji, there is something he is not able to understand in this Leela. Brhmaji tells him, he remembers Ganesh’s childhood image as far as eating food is concerned. But now, Ganesh has matured a lot with time. This Ganesh Leela will be different from the previous one.
Ganesh refuses to accept food offered to him, says he will eat only what he may get in Bhiksha from people of Kashi. He asks Divodas to join him while doing so, in normal cloths, not as a king. He agrees.
At Mandar, Shivji & Parvati are watching this. They discuss about Ganesh helping Divodas to realize what he has lost. He may have achieved 5 elements for his people, but has not calculated

the drawbacks.
Divodas, covering his face in yellow cloths is on the road, with Dhundiraj asking bhiksha from different people, houses. Nobody gives him any alms. Dundhirajj says what kind of city is this, where a Brahmin is not getting any bhisha. I was fasting yesterday, today morning came with you, without eating anything, am feeling hungry now. Divodas feels bad, says they are not giving on my order, but I’ll do something now. He removes the cloth covering him, tells his people, I am your king, gice bhiksha to this Brahmin. He is shocked seeing, no one is obeying him. He remembers while punishing a person, who killed a man because he was taking 4 times higher interest from him. Even to take water from the well, people had to pay money to the owner of the well.
Dhundhiraj starts walking ahead. Divodas stops him, tells him my people are not listening to me. Dhundhiraj says they have covered all the houses of Kashi, except one.
At Swarga, Indra is happy as all the Asuras are gone now. He goes to inspect the damages caused by Asuras to Swarga. Brihaspati says, it’s these Devas of 5 elements, who were insulted by Asuras, have left Swarga. It’s your duty to get them back, assuring their place is safe in Swarga.
Devas are walking in the forest behind that man, asks them about what his king does throughout the day? He inspects his kingdom, often likes to hunt for Humans who are useless for him. At night, since years, he goes in his Conical house, no one knows what he does inside that Conical House. One of the Deva, tells him, his King seems mysterious.
Daksh is in mediataion, hears Shivji calling him. He comes to Mandar Parvat. Shivji tells him to return to Kashi, Divodas is about to realize his mistake. He will need you to guide him. Daksh is reluctant initially but agrees later on.
Shivji, Parvati are discussing about Ganesh being Vighnaharta, is removing all the obstacles in the path of Divodas’s realization. He’ll surely do anything for Divodas’s welfare.
Dhundhiraj come to Upamanyu’s house. Gauri is doing pooja of Shivling. She tells her mother about someone asking for Bhiksha from them. She comes out with Upamanyu with some Rice in a bowl. She says, this is what we have, please don’t consider this as our poverty, accept it as respect for you. Gauri gives all the Rice to Dhundiraj. Divodas is shocked seeing this. Dhundiraj asks them, giving Bhiksha is against your King’s order, don’t you fear him? Upamanyu answers, refusing Bhiksha will be their King & Kashi’s insult. Dundhiraj shows this to Divodas, who is shocked. Dundhiraj tells him, in your city all are wealthy, but no one offered me anything. They don’t have anything, yet donated whatever they had.
Lack of Shivatva is the root cause of this problem. Greed, envy, Moha, Maya disappears where Shivatava is present. It brings Humanity, Charity all such good qualities.

Precap: Divoday is praying to Shivji, asks where is he? Shivji Paravti appears. He says I’ve never left Kashi because Kashi lives in me.
5 Devas have reached at the King’s city.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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