Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Parvati is waiting for Aadi guru. First comes our Ganesh, she asks where is Guruji,? Gunesh asks for water. She asks again when will Guruji come? He asks for more water, then Modak, eats them but doesn’t answer when will Guruji come to Parvati’s repeated questions. Then he answers, he must be coming any moment. Parvati goes running to inform Mena. They all welcome Aadi Guru. Seeing him Mena remembers Shivji coming for Parvati’s marriage.
Asuras are impressed with Jalandhar’s display of power. They discuss among themselves if this power is with them, they can defeate anybody. They do Jalandhar’s (J) Jay jay kaar. J comes to Shkracharya, tells him now his anger is under his control, according to his interpretation, he is ready to know his mother’s murderer. Shukracharya asks him to rest but he insist on knowing the name. Shukracharya says he’ll know him at the right time. J asks when will that time come? Shukracharya tells him, aim of his life is not only to take revenge but is much bigger. Atleast he can eat food, if he doesn’t want to rest.
At Ksheersagar, Naradji worries about Jalandhar’s power, if he is with asura, there can be a big problem. They should inform Shivji. Vishnuji asks him to wait, they will have to find a solution.
J comes to eat food, finds Asuras fighting among themselves. J asks why are you fighting. They accuse each other & are back to fighting. J bangs his hand on floor, all stop. He asks them who is your enemy? Only Devas are your enemy, if you cant unite, how will you fight with Devas? You are not getting defeated by Devas but with your own people.
Parvati goes to arrange for Guruji’s food. She goes, Shivji appears in his original form. Mena & himavan are happy seeing him. Mena says now, Parvati’s memory will be back soon. Shivji reminds them, Parvati is Aadi Shakti herself, so her memory recollect will take time, it has to be systematicaly. She has compeleted the 1st stage, Yama, of Ashtanga Yoga. Now the 2nd stage Niyam i.e. Parvati’s purification will start. She has to reach till Samadhi, where she will see everything about me.
J remembers his mother, how did she died. Gets disturbed.
Parvati offers her pranam to Aadi Guru, he sits on the aasan. Parvati says she is excited to know what will she learn under his guidance, is grateful to him. She is about to touch his feet, he stops her asks, her to take bath & come. She says before puja she always takes bath, but is again told to follow his order. Parvati & Gunesh, both look confused.
J comes to Shukracharya, who tells him, Asuras always fight among themselves, he tried to unite them but was not successful. J says he’ll unite them. Shukracharya say you are talking about making impoaaible possible. J says he’ll do that. Seeing a Crab says, he knows how to do it. Shukracharya asks if he will be able to do it alone? J asys will he help? Shukracharya agrees. J asks for a pot filled of Gold coins.

Precap: J tells Asuras they will get many pots of Gold from Deva’s treasure, if they all are with him. Asuras agree.
Aadi Guru asks Parvati to go to Kashi. A voiceover says tomorrow Parvati will meet Daksh.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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