Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th September 2013 Written Update

Mahadev lifts the yantra and puts it into the sky.
On this side, Ganga Devi takes a human form and goes to the Saptarishis, asking the whereabouts of Mallamani. Rishi Kashyap says that it is not appropriate for her to search for them now. Ganga insists, getting angry, and so Rishi Bhrigu guides her to Mallamani.

Malla and Mani in their cave have brought a Rishi called Tugra, who is Rishi Bhrigu’s shishya and has knowledge of the future. Malla bribes him to predict the future by saying that he will be richly rewarded. Tugra says that Ganga Devi is approaching them. Here Ganga reaches the cave, and is stopped by some Aghoris. She doesn’t bother about them and advances, only to be trapped in a fire yantra of Malla. Malla comes

out with his gang and confronts Ganga. (Calls her, “Gange”LOL).

Brahmadev and Narada are worried about Ganga taking her furious form. Ganga screams at the Aghoris to free Parvati. Mani says no, they have Mata Kali, and now they’ll have Ganga also, Mata Mata Mata.LOL

Malla tells Ganga to forget about the others and marry him. Ganga gets totally bugged at this comment and screams that she will cause a Pralay and destroy them all for imprisoning her sister. Rishi Tugra sees the future and says no such thing will happen. Ganga seethes with anger and says, They have challenged Ganga, now they shall see her fury, as she defies nature.

Brahmadev and Narada tell Mahadev to stop this. Mahadev agrees, saying that Ganga’s Prachand roop will destroy the world.

Mahadev appears as a silhouette in front of Malla and Mani, just as Ganga is going to take on her furious form. ganga extinguishes the fire Yantra and is about to destroy them when she sees Mahadev.

Malla and Mani ask who is that person standing in front of them. Mahadev answers, I am the soul and I am the Supersoul, I am everything, I am nothing, I reside in every particle of the universe. I am death, and I am life, I am past and future. (Basically he says I am everything. Further details, refer Vibhuti Yoga: BG 10: The Opulence of the Absolute). He says, I am Brahma, I am Narayan, I am Mahadev.

In THAT instant he appears before them. The Aghoris are stunned and pray to him. Mani is joyful that now even Mahadev has come to them. Ganga is still furious, but she waits for Mahadev to speak.

Here, Rishi Bhrigu is standing in the middle of his Samay Yantra and divining what is happening. He is shocked to find out that his shishya Tugra has joined the enemies, and says that he is humilated. He immediately rushes to Kailash along with the other Rishis, and Mainavati asks Nandi where Mahadev is. Nandi says he doesn’t know, to which everyone is in despair.

In the Aghori’s cave, Mahadev tells Ganga, “You have incarnated to protect the people of this world. So become calm. I wish to hold you in my Jata.”

But Ganga is enraged and says that she will not leave without Parvati. Mahadev replies sternly but calmly that Parvati came here by her own wish and will leave also by her own wish.

Precap: Mahadev tells Mani and Malla that they have violated the practices of Aghor and that the most powerful Aghora (He specifically said Aghora) will come to free Mata Kali. If they fail to protect themselves and their ynatra, then Aghora will free the energies of Kali, and the Shakti present inside the Yantra will be unleashed.

Update Credit to: Surya

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