Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with shankchur says to mahadev, you are compare equally to anyone, then how will you help to wrong person who has attacked on unweaponed person. Why are you not punishing to indra. YOu only do what you want. you can kill anyone and if you want to defend someone then you defend it. Why are you opposing rohitang because he opposes you. Mahadev says, truth is forever and it cannot modifies. You think that me and narayan are opposing you but do you think that this is truth. Find the truth for accepting then only you can get the truth, then you will get the answer why are you not fighting with narayan. Bhram dev says, mahadev still giving chance to shankchur. Narad ji says, it will be good for shankchur to remember his past. Shankchur says, i will accept only that thing that i have seen. Rohitang fulfil his oath thats why i am with him and i opposes you because you want something from your devotee. I know why you came in between me and kaali war because you know that kaali cannot defeat me thats why for diplomatically you comes in between matter. you does wrong with your son, who has cut his son head then how we will expect something from you. Rohitang calls his oath and says to shankchur that please free me from your oath. shankchur says to dev kampan, stop your student. Shankchur attack on mahadev and mahadev kills shankchur. Mata laxmi says, shankchur gets mukti but will he get his main motive. bhram dev says, he will main object of his life. Shankchur comes into sudama. Narayan says, remember your previous wrong work. mahadev says, narayan comes for doing you mukti. Sudama says, please forgive me narayan. Rohitang will not know the whole cycle. Mahadev says, he will also definitely know his motive soon. Rohitang scolded himself and says, is this your decision, why you killed shankchur, this is wrong. what is his mistake?
My sister worhip you as a God and when nigas swallowed you then she was very sad. You have taken satitva of my sister. What is her mistake. Is this her mistake that she is shankchur’s wife. YOu all go against nature for giving punishment to shankchur.
Mahadev says, rohitang i was indicating on that point and for that reason shankchur’s mukti is must. You backstep from truth. Rohitang says, i will not come on your conversation. I will destroy you.

Precap:- Rohitang bring dead body near to tulsi and says to tulsi that your God has killed Shankchur.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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