Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartikayan says to mahadev, i will stop mansa. Mahadev says to kartikayan,
no kartikaya, war is not solution of every problem, it is chandradhar exam.
Laxmidhar says to behula, i dont want that you will get hurted. behula says, what do you mean? Laxmidhar says, mansa!!! She has killed my all brother. She is forcing my father for worship thats why she will try to kill me. Behula says, i got boon and according to it, you will not get killed because if you will marry me then nobody will kill you not also mahadev. Laxmidhar says, i cant trust on this, i will assure about it.
Kartikayan says to mahadev, their is doubt in his worship. Mahadev says, if there is fear then there will no worship. If there is suspicion then there will be no satisfaction, and if there is ego there will no shiva, and if there is proud there will no boon.
Laxmidhar says to chakradhar, why do you need other home. Laxmi dhar says, i want to live with behula in another home. Laxmidhar calls artisan then chandradhar asks from him, does he will make your home properly. Artisan says, yes.
Laxmidhar says to artisan that i want that kind of house in which there is no privity.
Artisan shows house to chandradhar and his wife and also tells the importance of house.
Mansa gets angry on chandradhar. She says, what will chandradhar thinks to himself. Now he will get result of it. Diti says, you are doing wrong. Mansa brother says, stop all this sister. How could you think to kill chandradhar. Mansa says, i have given chance to him and if you dont want to support me then go to neck of mahadev.
chandradhar does worship of mahadev then mahadev arise in front of him. He surprisingly says, prabhu, aap. Then he does obeisance. Mahadev says to him, no chandradhar, this is not illusion, i have to come because you dont call me. You didnt call me on mansa chat. i come here to ask you that you dont trust me that i will come when you call me. Chandradhar says, i am in you prabhu. Mansa dont know that worship will only happen sacrifice and if sacrifice will not happen from heart then it is not worship. mahadev ask, dont you get angry on me that i will not come when your 6 son’s gets died. Chakradhar says, how could anyone decide death’s age. It doesnt sense that if anyone will died in his old age then also his parent gets sad. Mahadev says, take some thing from me. Chakradhar says, you have given me everything by seeing me. Chakradhar gets awake and tells complete story to his wife.
Here mansa says to herself that chandradhar, what do you think that if you will get married your son with behula then your son will not died? I also want to happen this marriage then i will kill him. Then you will know that in front of mansa, mahadev boon will not work.
Here laxmidhar and behula marriage happens. Mansa reaches to home where construction works happens. Artisans ask from her, who are you? dont you know that anyone will not enter into this premises. Mansa gives her introduction. Mansa says to artisan, if you will not tell me the secret then i will also kill your son. Artisan then made hole in home and says, now you will not get angry on me. Mansa says, dont tell anything to anyone otherwise i will kill you.
Laxmidhar and behula takes blessings from their elder. Behula says, now you can sleep very easily, nobody will kill you. Mansa reaches at their room. Behula identifies her. Mansa disguise into her real look. Mansa says to her, what do you think, i will not come into your room. Behula says, dont you know that it is bad manner to come into someone’s room. I am not your enemy but i want to teach lesson to your father in law that in front of me, there is no mean of mahadev’s boon. i dont want to kill you but you stay from way. Behula says, i will stay away. You will give me bad life after killing my husband. You cant get any worship if you will kill anyone. Mansa gets angry on behula.

Precap:- Mansa says to behula, go and tell your father in law otherwise if i will not kill your husband then i will spoil his life.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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