Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2014 Written Update

Lakulesh is welcomed at Kailash by Nandi, Kartikeys, Ganesh & Ganas. Parvati comes to welcome him. He is shocked seing a woman at Kailsah, asks her how dare she come here. This si his Vairagi Shiv’s Kailash. Woman should not come here. Kartikeya gets angry, tells Lakulesh he is not aware of whom is he speaking to Parvati controls the situation saying like him even she is a Shiv bhakta, that’s the reason of her presence here. Lakulesh
goes ahead to meet Mahadev. Parvati asks Nandi, Ganesh & Kartikeya to promise her, till Lakulesh is not aware of their reality, they will act like a Shiv bhakta in front of him. Will not agitate or excite him. Ganesh & Nandi agrees but Kartikeya leaves in anger. Mahadev is watching how Parvati is

this situation.

Lakulesh meets Mahadev He falls at Mahadev’s feet, says now he just wants to be here only. Mahadev is happy seeing his bhakta. He tells Lakulesh, what is seen, visible is him & what is unseen, invisible is him only.
 Mahadev tells him to take bath in Man Sarovar, after that they will eat togather & this time he need no show him his stick. Lakulesh joins hands & leaves with Nandi. Asks about Parvati, Ganesh & kartikeys saying they are new, are not dressed like Gana-pretas.  Now he’ll ask her to leave  Kailash. Nandi remembers his promise, keeps quiet.

At Ksheersagar, Vishuji tells Naradji, Kalpas back the image of Mahadev Lakulesh had in his mind & had meditated on since then, for him only that form exists. He is not Chandrashekhar, Gangadhar, Sati-nath or
Uma-nath for him, it’s just Vairagi Shiv he is aware of. Naradji says he needs to be made aware of the reality. By speaking about unseen, invisible is him only, Mahadev has indicated about reality.

Paravti is cooking food, tells Ganesh, she can’t go & serve food to Lakulesh, Ganesh will have to do that.
She meets Kartikeya, who is practicing with Sword, is angry. She asks him to control his anger, says she can’t tell him clearly now but whatever is happening has a reason behing it. Kartikeya tells her he should not be asked
to face Lakulesh, for him his mother’s honour is more important.

At Kailash Lakshmiji is worried seeing Lakulesh’s behaviour, says something needs to be done immidiately. Vishnuji agrees, says otherwise The cycle of creation will have to restart. Whenever such circumstances comes up, Aadi Shakti takes her original form befor the creation began. Is he indicating towards Bhairavi form, asks Lakshmiji. Vishnuji says yes.

Precap: Lakulesh scolds Parvati for cooking food for his Vairagi Shiv. Tells her to give up wearing jewellery including her Mangalsutra. Mahadev says Lakulesh is crossing his limit.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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