Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev arise in between bhimasur and narayan and kills him. Bhima sur says to mahadev, you have done wrong with me. Mahadev says, you have done wrong with yourself because you only know that Shri Ram killed your father but you dont know that your father worshipped to Shri Ram before killed. Bhima sur surprised to hear it. Bhram dev says, you didnt hear the cmplete truth and you have misused your boon. biblarth says, so like that mahadev killed bhimasur. Rohitang says, then how will jotirling setup there. Mahadev set free to his devotee. Kapushwar says, please stay here in this jotirling, so that everybody will get blessing here. Narayan says, you always aware to keep protect your devotee. You have not only killed bhimasur but also you have protect bhram dev’s boon and protect me as well, so i also urge you to stay here. Bhram dev named it as “BhimaShankar jotirlling”.
Biblarth says, if mahadev spoil that shivling then also doesnt make any impression on mahadev. Rohitang says, then why will mahadev had killed bhima sur. Biblarth says, are you frightening me. Biblarth says, any guru doesnt frightens to his student. ROhitang talk with himself, Tridev helps each other. Then he says to biblarth, rishi biblarth, only one story left and after that i will go from there and whether you will proud on me or hate me. biblarth says, nobody knows about complete truth of mahadev and keep one thing that only one mistake make you so far away from mahadev. Rohitang says, sun set is near, so dont waste time and tell me another story.
Nigas does worship of mahadev and dev kampan comes to meet with nigas. Bhram dev says, mahadev is everything and thankful, anyone hates mahadev then also he will gets worship of mahadev. Nigas gives prasad to dev kampan and dev kampan says, i want to talk with you alone. Nigas says, i have make this worship for saving me from devta. Dev kampan says, this is all done by shivansh. Nigas says, without shiv, shivansh is nothing. dev kampan says, shivansh is between us and he is trying to unite us. Nigas says, everybody knows that asur unite for some reason. dev kampan says, if we were unite then we will get something in swarg. Nigas doesnt agree from dev kampan’s statement. Narad ji says, after sometime, rohitang will get all the information about jotirling. You have given boon to me of live forever. May i stop him. Mahadev says, no narad, this war is not against rohitang. we all want to aware about jotirling to rohitang.
Tulsi worships to narayan and unfortunately, lights gone. Tulsi gets tensed and says, is this something unhappening happen around us. Rishi biblarth worship mahadev and says, prabhu, you had assured me that everything will be fine but i think that after sometime rohitang will gone from there. Rohitang says, if you have completed your worship then we will move further.
Mahadev says, water will reach to its destination whether any problem comes in between them. Same like rohitang, he will reach his destination, so dont interrupt rohitang, let him go his destination.

Precap:- Dev Guru says to indra, rohitang and nigas will unite then indra says, after that nigas will swallow narayan. Mahadev says, narayan will get curse and he has accepted it. Indra says, what will happen of world.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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