Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd January 2014 Written Update

At kailash Parvati tells Mahadev, when 5 Devas were unable to perform their duties, she alone took the responsibility of providing the World with those elements. Because she is a mother, can not see her children suffering. A mother only wants to give, not take from them. Arunasur loves his mother but the path he has chosen is wrong. Mahadev says soon there will be a war between Kartikeya & Arunasur. Paravti is confident of Kartikeya as he is their son. But Mahadev tells her not to judge this war as Kartikeya’s mother but as Aadi Shakti. She agrees.
Arunasur decides to fight with Yamaraj now. His army is practicing for war but he wants to go alone to fight with Yamaraj. He tells his ministers, since Devas know his weakness, they should keep his mother’s body safe, outside the cottage.
Kamdhenu thanks Mahadev & Paravti for protecting her & letting her live at Kailash. Indra comes there, wants to take her back, promises to look after her well. Mahadev says only Kamdhenu can decide about that. Kamdhenu says she’ll go to Swarga, as a mother it’s her duty to give whatever is missing in Swarga, after that she’ll return to the rishis. Indra & Kamdhenu take mahadev & Parvati’s leave.
Seeing Arunasur alone in front of his big army, Yamaraj taunts him about his past failures due to his over estimating himself. Tells him he’ll have to reach him first. He disappears. Arunasur starts killing Yamaraj’s soldiers. Almost all are killed by him. Mrityu Devi appears. Yamaraj tells him, she had taken his mother’s life. He should fight her now. Arunasur manages to defeat her. Now Yamaraj starts fighting with him.
Kartikeya is sitting & thinking about Arunasur. Ganesh comes there trys to explain what Arunasur is doing is wrong. He was explained by father, me, Vishnuji, Naradji about his wrong path. Kartikeya asks, why should they think about arunasur being wrong, he is doing this for his mother. When Ma was in pain, he as a son wanted to do anything to ease her pain. I can understand what Arunasur feels.
Seeing the war Naradji tells the Ksheersagar viewers, with Brhnmaji’s boon, Arunasur is now more stronger.
Mahadev, Vishnuji & Brhmaji meet at a place. They discuss, whatever is going to happen is destined, but it’ll affect Parvati & Kartikeya more.
Nandi informs Kartikeya & ganesh about the war between Yamaraj & Arunasur has reached in it’s last stage. Many soldiers of Yamaraj are killed. Kartikeya says as Deva’s Senapati, it’s his duty to protect Yamaraj.

Precap: Kartikeya is surprised, why Arunasur is not attacking him back. He finds himself next to Arunasur’s mother’s body, stops fighting.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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