Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev does meditation and kumari gets rudraksh. storm occurs in world. Menawati says, we should go and see kumari. Narayan says, there is no need to worry, just see. Kumari comes and ask about rudraksh, what is this? Menawati interrupts and says, we should go , heavy storm will come. Kumari says, stop mother, i want to ask one question, what is this. Narayan says, this is rudraksh.
Kumari ask, what is meaning of rudra? Narayan says, it doesnt mean, if you ask anything then i will give you answer. Student ask the question and tutor will give answer s of questions by own. First of all you have get prepared for it. Kumari says, so what we will do for asking these question. Narayan says, every deed have some time. You go to home right now. Kartikaye ask, what we will. Narayan says, banasur end is near and for that reason, we will teach kumari.
Here banasur worships of mahadev and kumari also does meditation. Kumari’s mother gets tensed about banasur announces. Her father says, dont worry, today kumari’s teacher will teach her. Narayan gives kumari to weapon training. Kumari ask, can i battle. Narayan says, yes, but not with me, you can fight with others.
Kumari gets ready for battle with murugan. Narayan says, time is short and if you will made this war so hard then it is best. Kumari gets injured and murgan does first aid of it and remember previous incident. kartikaye says in heart, please forgive me maa, but i have taken your blessing. Narayan says to kumari, tomorrow, we will take training with other. Banasur does meditation and his asurs do marriage of unmarried girls. Ganesh ji teaches kumari about meditation and kumari creates a statue of child while thinking something. Ganesh ji says, you have to take rest. Mata says, what i have made, i dont know but i think that i know this statue. Narad ji says, mata is remembering her previous relation. narayan says to kumari, your mother is waiting for you, it is enough for today.
Banasur minister comes and says, we have done all marriage. Banasur says, it means God is with me. Bhram dev says, now everybody will give exam.
Kumari says to her father, you know i am very interested in training. Kumari’s mother says, you should take rest. Kumari gets worried and gone from there. Her mother says, tomorrow banasur force will come, what will do. Narayan says, we have two option. Whether we will accept, what is happening around us or else we will fight.

Precap:- Narayan says, now kumari has completed his training, now its time for exam and she beats asur while they capture her parents.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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