Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Parvati devi is worried for Brhmdev’s plan as Devodas has made all arrangements for the yagya.. Mahadev replies that Brhmdev’s plan never fails.. his purpose for the betterment of Kashi. If the yagya is unsuccessful then its for Kashi’s good as devtas can get back there.. or even if it succeeds its gonna be good for Kashi.

Devodas goes to the yagya as he go the news that the yagya has successfully completed.
Brhmdev appreciates Devodas for the effort, where as Devodas boast himself for the success.. he is the best.. its proved that Kashi needs no devta. Saying so he asks Brhmdev to get going.!

Parvati devi worries abt Ganesh’s entry at Kashi as devtas are not allowed there.. Shiva says that whatever must happen, its gonna be for

The minister tells Devodas that a mistake has occurred that a businessman is robbed of his precious jewels
Devodas hearing this gets furious and swears to punish the accused, as he has given everything to his subjects. He asks the minister to bring the accused so that he can give the guy his punishment in front of everyone!
They bring a person with veil covering the head.. Devodas’s wife is shocked to see a familiar bangle onto the person’s hand… before she could say anything Devodas unmasks the guy and to his shock its his own son Shatrunjay.

Devas back here follow the guy.. they ask why does his king hate authority.. they guy answers that if there is something in surplus that means some other thing is scarce. Now they are even more curious to see the king.
The guy warns them that if the king speaks to them, they dont dare to take off their vision off him.. he shares a story sometime ago, when one of their.. the army presented themselves before him after losing a war.. being abashed they never saw the king inn his eye.. the king gouged out their eyes..(crazy fellow) Devtas are terrified hearing this

Back at Kashi, Devodas takes his son’s class…why did he snatch the businessman’s jewl..the boy tells that he liked the businessman’s jewls and wished to have them.. the guy didn’t give him when he asked for.. Devodas asks if he realizes his mistake.. the boy tells which mistake?
Devodas is embarrassed and angered and asks the sailniks to take the boy to the prison.
Devodas tells that its a worrisome that his son is the culprit, even more is that he has no guilt for his wrong, what worries him the most is the nobody from the praja raised any question for this!
Its as if a normal thing for them…Devodas asks his mantri to answer his quests.. the minister tells that even he doesn’t have their answers Devodas is perturbed to know why is all this happening.
Then His wife informs him that a fortuneteller has recently arrives at the boarders of Kashi and has surprised everyone with his talk. Its as if he knows all..
Devodas asks the mantri to come to his kingdom… the wife tells that he never comes on anyone’s call.. whoever has queries need to go to him.

Ganesh as Dhudhiraj is at the gates of Kashi.. Devodas n his wife meet him, he asks devodas what he seeks, devodas is desperate to know his answers. Ganesh tells he can call me Sidhi nath ir Budhi nath Guneshwar, Lambodhar or Dundhiraj..Devodas asks which name he likes to be called… he says Dundhiraj…Jyothish is not his hobby he has come their to fulfill his parent’s wish..he seeks forever goodness, righteousness, peace, softness, shagun..

Dundhiraj asks him what he seeks for … says that he is not any jyothis (fortune teller) he knows that Devodas has forbidden devtas from entering Kashia along wiht rishis like him..
And if only Devodas invites him, he’ll enter Kashi… he is just not any jyothis to do the question n answer session.. he is different.. he has his own methods of foretelling the future.
Devodas tells that he is their guest and he’d make sure that he is comfortable there… to which Ganesh asks to promise him to make him comfo at Kashi.. If something goes wrong in his hospitality then he’d take it as his insult.

Shubhta- Ganesh enters Kashi…Parvati devi is happy to see Ganesh enter Kashi.
Naradji’s dialogue with Brhmdev.. he remembers how previously Ganesh fulfilled his promise to Parvati devi and even now he is gonna do it taking a new form.

Ganesh walks through the streets of Kashi and sees how things work there.. He reminds himself of dad’s words on not to think Devodas as his enemy as he too wishes good for Kashi.

Dundhi raj is welcomed warmly at the palace .. he asks what worries Devodas.. Devodas says that he might be curious but it would never hinder his hospitality..
Dundhi raj is given lots of delicious food items..

Back here seeing all this Naradji reminds us of how Ganesh’s hunger couldn’t get satisfied even by Kuber’s treasure n his arrogance was burned..

Dundhiraj with an earthen pot in his hands..says now he will answer all Devodas’s quests
Devodas tells that he doesn’t deserve to be the king of Kashi.
Daksh enters and says that he better straighten things he messed up.. Devodas worries taht he needs Maahdev now to clean the dust.. where would he find him..
Daskh tells him he’d find Shiva where he left him.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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