Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd August 2013 Written Update

At KAilash Parvati devi and Mahadev have a dialogue on Sita and Raam’s first encounter..and devi Gauri wants to know whats going on at Puspvatika as he is their eyes n she requests him a live commentary of the first meet .

Mahadev tells voices dnt constitute eyes and vice verse, words dnt give u the feel as u get it by looking it in live
Mahadev poetically narrates the live scene at Mithila.. where Raam is picking flowers on the other hand Sita is lazing around in her garden.
Shiva narrates… the air is new- breeze is fresh.. there is youthful atmosphere amid the pushpvatika… there is a feel of longing, love, wait…

They show Sita creasing the flowers at the same time she feels a familiar soul around her…someone she

knows and she wants to meet.

Trying to search each other just by mere feel- at last they face each other… they observe each other’s features… the eyes spoke a million words…just in that moment.

Mahadev narrates of Sita, how her face lit up like million moons on having her future beloved in front of her.. how their hearts are their eyes have locked each others images and feel into themselves.
After a while of staring session, they are brought back to the worlds by Sita’s sakhi and Raam’s anuj, Lakshman.
Then they come back and begin to go back to their destinations, only giving back last stares at each other. (My tke..everything went really well, but the BG was terrible..if I had to compare the legendary RS’s scene.. which was classy and epic.)

Sita then runs to Gauri devi’s temple and utters a few maskafying lines for devi ma and asks her the person she saw as her husband.

Parvati devi feels overwhelmed with the words and blesses SIta- the form of Lakshmi her brother- Narayan in form of Raam.

MAhadev cleans Parvati devi’s tears and gets her near…(why didn’t the writers write such scenes before Parvati got replaced? doesnt this have to do anything with MR? my doubt can be entirely wrong…but its just a doubt!)

Meanwhile at the raj bhavan.. Raam recollects the garden eye-lock session.

Back at Kailash.. Parvati devi puts her wish of seeing Ganesh n Kartikeya.. as she misses them. Mahadev tells that both are fine along with their respective spouses from where he sees, on this Parvati devi tells that she is no trikaldarshi as he is… dosnt he long to see them.. Shiva says that they are doing their duty and are busily married so they need to give them some time n space

She says that there is no such words as right time, its not gonna harm if they spend some time together with their parents without really interrupting their duties!

Parvati devi feels sad and sits in a corner even after Mahadev’s persuasion.
Then Mahadev calls on his sons who where at that time praying to ling…to come and see their mother.

Then Kartikeya and Ganesh come to Kailash which is already felt by devi Parvati… And they indeed arrive, on asked by SHiva why did she make so many dishes, Parvati ma tells that he is trikal darshi and he can very well know whats gonna happen that day… she also tells that he is a mother and she feels whenever they are around.

They take their parents blessings, also are asked why didn’t they get their wives along..Ganesh says that then Parvati ma would shower her complete attention n love to them… they also promise that they’ll get their wives the next time they come. And this time they have come to know Raam katha!

Nandi and others meet Ganesh and Kartikeya n tells that they are being missed.
Then later on Nandi tells them that parvati ma has made so much for them to eat.. while they eat one o the ganas ask Mahadev since Narayn has taken a form on earth for justice, is he also gonna take birth on earth?

Ganesh and others are willing to know more about Shiva’s avtar on earth.. Shiva narrates that its gonna be someone who is faster than wind, stronger.etc etc..

Update Credit to: sankalp

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