Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Shivji says even he is waiting for the moment Parvati’s strength will get exhausted, at the same moment she’ll get my Shakti. Exhausted Parvati faints, is caught by Shivji. He gives her his Shakti, transferring through his forehead in her. Makes her stand again. She opens her eyes, finds Aadi guru & Gunesh standing in front of her. Gunesh gives him the good news, Guruji is pleased with her determination, but will come after some times. She’ll have to prepare to welcome him. Parvati is surprised. Ganesh hands over a small list which turns out to be a long one. Parvati touches her Guru’s feet, he blesses her with Kalyan ho kanya. She goes to her Raj Bhavan.
Here Jalandhar comes out of sea, asks J (Jalandhar)has he controlled his breating? Can he control his power? J says yes. Shukracharya asks him to prove it.
Parvati is back to that temple. Finds Shivji’s shadow again, turns back, tells him she has found a Guru, has seen something, will be able to do dhyan with the help of her Guru. He asks her, what’s his name? what has she seen? She says she should not but will tell him. She saw a woman, she was in trouble, an Asura was attacking her. Then a male figure protected her. I am sure with my Guru’s help I’ll be able to see the truth. He tells her she saw a woman, but didn’t see her face. That woman was you. It seems your selection of Guru is not right. Parvati says soon she’ll be able to see it, will prove that, leaves, Shivji sees her going.
Here Shukracharya is testing J. Asks him to break a very big stone, tells him, he can hit it only thrice. J runs & breaks it on 1st attempt. Brhmaji & Vishnuji are watching him.
Mena is happy seeing Parvati smiling. Parvati says her Guru will come today, she feels she knows him since a long time & has to prove to that Sadhu too. Mena asks about that sadhu but Parvati goes to check the arrangement are made as per the list of Gunesh. She goes ahead, hears Shivji’s voice, he says all this is useless. She asks him why is he sitting on her Guru’s aasan? He tells her she sees a woman, an Asura, a man & she calls it dhyan? She hasn’t chosen her Guru properly. Parvati gets angry, asks who allowed you to come inside? He takes a Modak from a plate, eats it, asks her to forget about doing dhyan. She gets angry. Mena comes, asks her why does she look so disturbed? Parvati complains about the Sadhu but no one there. The aasan is empty, she is surprised.
Shukracharya creats a big stone on top of a hill, asks J to stop it from sliding down the stone created by his Maya Shakti. J runs, stops it from sliding down & pushes it back on top of the hill. Asuras watching him are impressed. Seeing him, Shukracharya thinks, he is the answer of his years of wait to get someone good to represent Asuras.

Precap: Shivji tells Mena & Himavan, Parvati has crossed the 1st stage, Yama, of Ashtanga yoga. Now the 2nd stage will start.
Asuras are fighting among themselves. J stops them, tells them not Devas, but they themselves are reason for their defeate

Update Credit to: mnx12

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