Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th November 2013 Written Update

After all that drama.. Kartikeya says that they all need to get back to Kailash, to which Parvati devi replies that she has sworn till the time Mahadev is reestablished in Kashi they won’t go back home.

Gannu bhayya as always says he help his dad along with all the devtas at Kashi..

At Kashi, Ripunjay boast his work as its abundant everywhere there is no scarcity… Brhmdev points out they might be some kind of scarcity if he says there is no. Kashi has paid a big price for the abundance… he replies that he has heard that there is Shivatv feeling around.. Kashi has grown without him.

Parvati i devi shares.. how could Devodas behave that way with the same Brhmdev who gave him boon, Mahadev says that its not Devodas speaking but the man who is plagued with arrogance cause of those powers.
Arrogance can only be burned by truth, says Shiva.

Meanwhile the devtas feel ignored, mocked and grumble abt their plight.. they decided to move to a place which is unbiased of devtas n devas.. they wonder if such a place exists.

Brhm dev explains that it only brings downfall for any one- the king or subjects if they are self centered.. he knws it yet never accepts it.
Devodas chants his greatness of keeping Kashi abundant.

Brhmdev challenges if he can carry forward Das Ashwamedhyagya (10 Ashwamedh yagya).. does he have that ability to provide supplies till its completion?
an arrogant Devodas accepts the challenge and orders his men to gather supplies n organize for the yagyaa.

A smart Brhmdev throws another challenge that the yagy should be conducted somewhere far from Kashi.. on asked Brhmdev replies that he himself asked for the boon that no devta shall enter Kashi..

Devodas reminds him the boon that whomever HE invites can come to Kashi.. Brhmdev asks Devodas to reconsider his decision, can he fulfill the yagya .. Devodas says that he can..and if he can’t then he’d give away his powers- boon which Brhmdev has given to him.

Devodas asks if he successfully finishes the yagya what will he get?
Brhm dev asks what he wishes?

Devodas says that he never understood him, that he doesn’t want anything.. as he as everything with him.

Parvati devi now understands why Brhmdev has given a challenge on Devodas- to show him the truth.

Ganesh enters and seeks permission and blessings for his journey n quest for Kashi’s task. Parvati devi says even Brhmdev is with him and brings modak for him. He asks Shiva if he has any suggestion or order for him.

MahaShiva replies that he should never think Devodas as his enemy, but instead as a person whom he is gonna help.

The yagya starts at Kashi… after a while the pandit asks Devodas for more fire wood.. Devodas gets it with his powers..

Devodas’s wife prays to Brhmdev to knock some sense in his tiny brain.. to make him realize his wrongs..

Mahadev says even devodas could have been comeplete like Prajapati Daaksh..had he not had arrogance in him. But Devodas had only the wish to see Kashi’s betterment but not growth!
Which he did in actual, but using the wrong path… it has shown its ill effect in the subject.

Ganesh says that Devodas has insulted all the devtas including him and still he analyze Devodas’s character with such humbleness..

Mahadev replies that we should consider Dharm- Adharm, Satvik Asatvik genuine n artfulness … features of them… and measure them rightly.
Its not abt his or devtas reestablishment at Kashi.. but the betterment of the place. Its important for him to get back Devodas’s faith in the divine… Its his job now to rekindle that faith in him.
he was never unjust, had he was one he wouldn’t have allowed Ashwamesh yagya on the Lands of Kashi

Hearing this Ganesh feels nervous hearing this… as its a big duty that he is
up to now…how would he fulfill the task now?

Shiva suggests if he reminds and meditates on his words, Ganesh would find a way…
Parvati devi gets modak for Ganesh and feeds them with her own hands to her youngest one.

At the yagya there has come a need for milk n ghee…

The devtas wander in forests (N-E direction) in search of a place unaffected of the powers of devtas n auras… they find a guy..who claims to know such place..where the king respects only powers.
On asked who the king is… the guy says that the king doesn’t appreciate anyone calling his name.
They have conflicting opinions on going with the guy or not.. as they dn’t want to get humiliated here also. (there is new guy as Chandrma)

The guy convinces them to meet his king as they can’ decide without knowing things well, besides dnt have any other option

They are not sure of the get laughed upon..they’d use their powers when the opportunity calls.
They call him..and asks for directions.. the guy says the king doesn’t like devtas and to reach him someone has to call devtas to meet the king. The guy says that the king hates indecisive ones..

Devodas confidently says to Brhmdev taht he can carry on n number of Ashwamedhyagya as he wants..he has all supplies ready, its just the matter of letting his minister know of what they want. Saying so he leaves as he has to do other important things too..

Devodas’s wife asks his permission to take care the availabilities for teh yagyaa..which he agrees on.

Parvati devi is worried if Devodas’s completion of yagyaa..

Ganesh takes a form of a pandjit.
Parvati ma worries abt Ganesh .. will he be allowed in Kashi or not.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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