Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Parvati and Ganesha(as Gunesh) comming to Adi Yogi(Mahadev).Parvati keeps staring at him,as Adi Yogi asks who is this weak girl you have got to me?,and asks Gunesh where he picks up such weaklings from ,and refuses to take her as his student.Ganesha keeps making BIG eyes at Mahadev,stunned at what he is saying,as Parvati sadly walks away.

Ganesha still stunned by the situation,gets it under control and tells Parvati that his Guru was testing her.Parvati smiles and approaches Adi Yogi once again when he stops her and says he hasnt finished testing her as yet.

She has to go southwards to this special place,where she has to try to concentrate,if she is able to concentrate there,then he will take her as his student.

Parvati apologises and says that she has come from so far,just to meet him,and he is sending her back?.Had she been able to concentrate she wouldnt have asked him for help.

Adi Guru gets angry and says “MURKH KANYA”,and asks her how dare she disrespect him,and tells Gunesh he doesnt want to teach her.

Gunesh then goes to Parvati and convinces her-saying that the path is hard but the fruit will be exactly what she wanted.Parvati agrees to go.

Adi Yogi tells her that she has to go on this path on her own.Parvati leaves.

Meanwhile Indradev takes his orignal form and attempts to attack Jalandhar,however Matsyakanya comes in between and gets hit instead.Jalandhar hears her scream and comes to her,but she begs him to go into the sea.Jalandhar vanishes into the sea,and Indra(as usual) seeing that he cant do much now,runs away.The Matsyakanya is left behind injured as she recalls her moments spent with Jalandhar.

Ganesha asks Mahadev(back in orignal form) why is he giving Parvati so many difficulties.Mahadev says that inorder to attain God one has to put in efforts,undergo difficulties.That is why tempels are always far away or on moutians,so that effort is taken to reach them.

Mahadev says she is Adi Shakti-MY PARVATI(eekk!)-nothing is impossible for her.Mahadev sends Ganesha to help her.

Meanwhile Jalandhar comes back from the sea and sees his mother still,he tries to revive her and then sees a weapon in her back and realizes that she is dead.Jalandhar realizes that she is dead and hugs her body crying.

Meanwhile Parvati and Gunesh are walking towards the south,when Gunesh tells Parvati his Guru isnt all that bad.Parvati smilingly asks since when does he know his guru.Gunesh is almost going to mention his mother,when he covers up and says my mother gave birth to me,but My Guru gave me a second life,Mahadev is smiling.

Then Mahadev decides to give Parvati her next test and sends Vasuki to her and Ganesha.Ganesha realizes who he is and what is Mahadevs game plan and yells,hiding behind Parvati coaxing her to kill the snake.

Parvati lefts up a stone,but then drops it,and folds her hand before Vasuki,and Vasuki slithers away back to Mahadevs neck.

Gunesh asks Parvati who she didnt hit the snake-Parvati says she doesnt know,the only thing she knew is that she cant harm the snake.

Gunesh and Parvati keep walking and suddenly Kartikeya appears before them.Ganesha gets worried and asks Mahadev to help-Mahadev ofcourse is smiling-as usual.

Kartikeya and Parvati come face to face-Kartikeya folds his hands and says-Pranam Maate.Ganesha panics.

Precap:- Mahadev(as Adi Yogi) agrees to become Guru to Parvati.Parvati asks him to come to the palace with her.Adi Yogi tells Gunesh to tell her he cant come there.He wants her to stay where ever he says.Parvati says she wont live in the wilderness.

Update Credit to: shruti

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