Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Laukulesh sitting in yajna Prasad bhoj. He keeps staring at at lord Shiva idol. The person sitting next to him says the king is a great devotee of Lord Shiva and it seems you are too

At kailash Lord shiva tells Devi Parvati that when lakulesh had gone into penance he only has memory of me. Parvati
says but can you not tell her everything that happened after that. Shiva says its not that simple. Parvati says you are unnecessarily worried. Once he comes here he will see all of us and will understand. Mahadev says no that won’t happen. But I will try to bring him to Kailash..

At the yajna place the other person tells Lakulesh to eat the Prasad as if he doesn’t the king will get angry. Lakulesh keeps staring

at the idol. The king sees him and tells him to eat. He doesn’t listen. King gets angry and tells him to eat but still no response. Then Lakulesh gets up and takes the food in his one hand and go to the place where Shiva and Parvati idols are located..

At kailash Parvati says Lakulesh wants to give bhog to us. Mahadev says not to us only to me.Lakulesh is the
type of bhakta who can even order God and God has to listen because the devotion is scared..

At yajna Lakulesh pushes Devi parvati idol and picks up Shiva idol. A person says what are you doing. The ling stops him and says wait let us see what he is doing Lakulesh picks up the idol and tells Shiva to eat. He say eat shiv! And purity of his devotion is obvious.

After asking Shiva two three times he picks up a stick and says if you don’t eat I will beat you. He says that I haven’t eaten anything since ages but how can I eat before you? He says eat shiva or I, then he picks up the stick..

The king orders his people to arrest him. He says you have insulted my yajna . you have separated Parvati from Shiva and you were going to hit shiva. Now I will punish you. He gets a whip and starts to whip him..

At kailash Mahadev says time has come to save Lakulesh .Mahadev arrives at the yajna place in disguise. He holds the whipp and stops king from hitting.He says my name is bhola.We are vairagi and this is my gurudev. We were going to kailash when our guru lost his way and reached here..

King says your guru is a psycho he was hitting mahadev with a stick. He also separated shiva and parvati. These
are not signs of a devotee…

Bhola says I will talk to himLakulesh sees shiva in him

Precap: Lakulesh decides to go to  Kailash. At kailash he sees Parvati and says who are you? There is no place for a woman in Kailash. Go away

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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