Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th September 2013 Written Update

Devtas at the Kailash come to the refuge of Mahadev, Brhm dev informs that at last Paravti devi has transformed into Kaali avtar again.
Indr is worried and reasons, if is it right not to do anything even after knowing the consequences! Brhm dev replies that its the best option sometimes.

Indr indirectly bashes Brhmdevi and Mahadev for not acting. Indr inquires what will be they facing cause of the inaction of devtas, Brhm dev answers ‘Malla and Mani’
They prayed him and acquired many boons and now what to be powerful of all..says Brhmdev.
And it will be only possible if they control Kaali devi’s form and imprison her. When he asks if its possible to prison Kaali to Indr horror its true and that too with Kaali’s own


Parvati devi walks in her furies Kaali avtar… she walks the streets of the village and everyone there fear her form and bend to their knees to pay their respect.
The villagers find out that she is going to Malla and Mani brothers.

The Devta gang at the Kailash discuss about the current issue at hand where Kaali devi heads to Malla and Mani, Indr freaks out at this and requests Mahadev to do something.

Where as our guru gang doing havan feel the rage of Kaali devi.
Rishi Brigu silently prays to Mahadev that only he who can stop the potential danger.

The crazy brothers on the other hand continue to provoke Kaali ma. The crazy one(Mani)(no offenses) feels Mata’s presence in their zone and cries that she is arriving. In his overwhelming devotion he runs to welcome her, and the sane twin(Malla) shouts not to go.

Mani (crazy one) welcomes Mata and dances in devotion around mata chanting her name, where as Mata looks at him and thinks who is this crazy- annoying- guy.

Mahadev observes this and is tensed, Brhm devi shares that even though Mani is kinda crazy, there is a deep devotion in that too.

Malla comes and is shocked to see Mani is held by Mata in the air, with Mani (crazy) pleading her to give him death- liberation.
As Mani continues with that plead, mata throws him away.. Malla is tensed, but Mani (crazy clone of Jack sparrow from the POC) laughs lout loud! Seeing this mata is even more furious.

Seeing mata in that form and hinting to end the poor guys pathetic life, Malla rushes inside of the cave; where as Mani begs to give him liberation which would make him feel eternal bliss. Then he invites her to come to her bhakt’s place, feeling utterly vexed with him she tries to slay him with her sword or daggar whatever that is, but before she could do anything the effect of mantars influence her which are being chanted by Malla

Mahadev now takes things in his hands, Shiva’s trishul is itching to slay a head.
Naradji then shares that those are the same mantras that Mahadev has used in his Aghori form to control mata. Mata advances to that direction, and Mani invites her..

Kaali devi nears the cave cause of the influence of the mantras with a dancing Mani welcoming her!

Mata Kaali too is innocent as Mahadev is, she goes wherever her devotees are.. in that situation too she sees only the devotion in Mani but not the greed behind it.

mata goes into the cave where the so called devotes pray her.. with Mani constantly motivating her to come in. All those people rejoice with her coming. Mani singing “mere mata ghar ayee”(I thought he’d sing the complete song ‘Meri mata ghar ayee oh Shivji meri mata ghar ayee…”)

Precap: Everyone is terrified to think abt the consequences.
Shiva takes the Aghori avtar.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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