Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th June 2013 Written Update

So Badewale Gannubhaiya and Mucchowale same to same Kartikeya bhaiya have arrived on Kailasa…Mummy aka Parvatiji is all happy shappy and so is Nandi and the rest of the clan..Gannubhai hugs his mommy dear along with his brother…Nandi is hiding his gift…but. Gannu bhaiya catches it on and tells him to get it out Nandi feels that his gift wont fit Gannubhaiya…But it does..and Gannubhaiya tells him that however big my body becomes, your love will always cover it…
Kartikeya bhaiya asks about the whereabouts of his father…Gannubhaiya smartly replies that if we are not seeing him that means that he is upto something Ganesh asks his mother about him and his mother answers grimly that they need to establish Shubhta in the world…She goes on to Welcome pooja of Kartikeya but he stops her and says that you forgot…it is “Pratham Pujya” Ganesh who has to be worshipped first…Parvati is all happy shappy with this brother unity..and says till you both have this goodness in your heart, Mahadev’s message will be there in the world for all..and till the time it is one can harm the world (Seee…when they are saying about no harm…they are talking Sansaar…not Srushti)
She teaches them the importance of modesty…how ego is the best enemy…both of them touch her feet..

On this side Ravan’s army are trying to find Mahadev and tell him to come down as he is lounging against a big stone…he smiles and gets down…and as he moves aside the big stone comes down crumbling…Ravana’s soldier asks the people whether they will beat him…An old woman comes and slaps him then they all gather and start beating him…Mahadev tells them how their unity defeated their fear…They all say that this was one soldier but there are many to come..Mahadev says that the fear of death stopped you from opposing this whole injustice from the beginning…Ravana knows your mentality…and he divided you and ruled…he emphasised on being united …
Just then Kumbhkaran comes in..and people are again afraid…they hide behind Mahadev

Riddhi And Siddhi and budhi are teasing their future hubby..they take away his modak plate but then do give it back to her (One of the girls was with me in my college I was studying with Siddhi)
On this side…Mahadev takes a giant jump and hits Kumbhakaran squarely on his face who goes crying to his brother and tells him to avenge him..Ravana comes all huffing and puffing and is all goner when he sees Mahadev…Mahadev comes in his original avatar as Kumbhi keeps on complaining to his brother why is he not scolding the man

Precap : Mahadev warning Ravana about Narayan Avatar…and Parvati telling Gannybhaiya about the marriage proposal…

Update Credit to: Srushti

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