Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with dev guru says to devraj indra that kartikaye will handle rohitang easily. Kartikaye thinks about mahadev conversation. ROhitang says, its really bad for us that we are opposing each other and we both are shivansh. Kartikaye says, everybody is shivansh but somebody knows this meaning and somebody takes wrong meaning of it. Kartikaye battle with rohitang. Mata says, after this war, rohitang will battle with you. Mahadev says, this war has wrong impression, people will know that how much bad it is and somebody let know that after wining people can loose everything and someone knows that if trust broken then everything will break. Mata says, andhak will always taken revenge of adi’ death. If he will become win then he will happy and if we will loose then he will become more bad. Mahadev says, you are looking like mother but see everything as jagdamba. Rohitang birth is possible by good energy and my energy taken him on music but his trust distract his mind, he came under andhak words. Its all andhak planning and he generated cruelness in rohitang. His anger is generated by tandav in it but rohitang still have one option and he will get it. Here tund attack on devta and kill them.
Ganesh ji goes on that place where he has done prank with bhandasur. MOuse calls ganesh. Ganesh ji goes into flash back. In his flash back, ganesh ji talk with mouse, he found kam dev ash and generate a statue and gives life into it and it is known as bhandasur.ganesh ji introduce bhandasur with mouse and bhandasur gets angry. ganesh ji stops them and introduce themself and give name bhandasur.
Mouse do pranks with bhandasur and ganesh ji says, dont anger my friend, anger will harm ourself, it is our enemy.
Bhandasur didnt hear it. mouse says, i think, you have done wrong by generate it. ganesh ji tries to stop them but he couldnt succeed.
Ganesh ji stops them and says, dont angry my dear friend. bhandasur says, i am not nobody friend. Bhandasur does violence then nandi tries to stop him. Mata arise and ganesh ji tells the complete scenario. Nandi doesnt succeed to stop him. Mata does caution to bhanda sur and says, if you will not go right now then i will kill you. Mahadev arise and says, if you will not go right now then i will also cannot save you. Ganesh ji feels guilty and says sorry to mahadev. Mahadev says, this is not the right time, you will get the chance to correct your mistake and at that you have to take decision, how to recover back from this situation, always remember my wordings.

Precap:- Tund tries to attack on indra and indra says, where is mahadev and now i have to use these weapons. Mahadev says, now i will anticipate in this war, its depend on indra and ganesh ji comes into his actual face.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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