Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th September 2013 Written Update

Saasuma telling her Jamaisa aka Maina to Mahadev that he needs to talk to Parvati…Mahadev says that she has to take the decision of coming back herself…or the world will be unbalanced again
Saasuma tries to mollycoddle her jamai..and try to get him to bring his dear wifey back!!and assure her of his love for her (Arrey kitni baar!! Itni exams toh aaj kal ke tuition class waley bhi nahi lete)

Sudesh bari as double role in Aghori baba!! and is getting agitated that the fire has gone down…when his chamchas come running telling them that Mata has taken a horrifying roop for the protection of women!! The lead Aghoribaba trashes his chamchas and says that they need to do something to again revive Mata!!

Parvati is walking angrily thinking about how Mahadev protected Ganga and how Ganga was all adoring Mahadev!!!
Mahadev is watching, and Ganga comes there with guilty expression…and blames herself Parvati’s anger and vows to bring Parvati back…Mahadev tells her that Ganga should know that Parvati would come back only by herself…the only way to bring her back is to abandon the Deity avatar and adorn the human form…Ganga agrees to adorn the human form!!

The Aghoris are thinking of various tricks to control Mata!! They surround an angry Mata and pray to her!! As the live audience minus Vishnuji looks on!! Indru is about to have a heart attack watching this!!

Maina is sad that Parvati is not coming back and now Ganga is going to adorn the human avatar..what if she forgets them!!! But Ganga is all adamant to do her best and bring Parvati back!!

PArvati tells the Aghoris that she knows that they are devotees but tells them to return as they are being misguided..the Aghoris try to come near and are attacked by Parvati and killed…
Indru is saying that he understands the bad intentions of the Aghoris as they want Mata to attack her devotees and become angry..Narad taunts him that he sure can understand the bad intentions Indru ko kya mast taunt maara!!

Parvati kills all and moves on!!! She walks on and burning the whole world…turning into Kaali slowly as the Aghoris dance to agitate her more!!
Indru is on the verge of apoplexy as he sees Parvati turn into Kaali!! the live audience watch on and Mahadev is in meditation!!

The lead Aghoris are all happy shappy!! they put bhasm drawing a line from the entrance to the idol of Ma Kaali! The other aghoris ask what was it about…they say this is the entrace for Ma Kali…and start dancing…MaKaali has fully formed now…everybody watches and Maina is praying Mahadev to tstop this!!

Precap: The lead aghoris are thinking of a sacrifice in order to lead Parvati to the place they are in…

Update Credit to: Srushti

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