Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the battle field, Bs (Banasur) apologizes to his daughter, but the daughter says that he her father and she is glad that Shiva and Sri Krishna has forgiven him.
Then Bs takes the flag to Kartikeya and says that it was never his..only a fool as himself could think of such a thing. He continues that K has saved the grace n dignity and let him take it…but if e wishes he could have defeated BS then n their..BS apologizes. Kartikeya does.

BS then takes his daughter and son-in-law to Mahadev and seeks permission to perform their wedding; and invites all to bless the newly weds.
They seek sri Krishna’s blessings and invites him too…

USha and Anirudh exchange garlands and carry forwards all the rituals of a wedding..
all are happy to see this…BS performs the kanyadaan of his daughter.

Vani feels taht they got her just now and now she is leaving, BS asks her to see Usha’s fortune of getting a great groom cause of Mahadev n Parvatidevi’s blessings.

The wedding is complete USha and Anirduh are now officially married..they take Mahadev’s blessings…he blesses them to became each other’s solace and always get the understanding each other for life to come. Parvati ma blesses the couple to be each other’s better half and make the martial life complete..

Then Sri krishna blesses them that they should always remember that they are linked with a bond of love..they are lovers before husband n wife- its their duty to ave the marital together always and continent. Rishi Kashyap blesses the newly wed and shows his gratitude to Mahadev for giving his clan such a great boon and to Yadhuvanshi’s to accept their daughter in their clan. He blesses them to grow the honour of Kailash, swarg and Shonki pur.

BS gets emotional and tells taht he being the dad had kept her strict n disciplined n sometimes rude and apologizes..but he blesses her for her happy marriage – may she be content with SIL Anirudh..and keep the honour of her father’s clan. The mother blesses her child all the good things..

Nag dev request Mahadev that if he could witness the great event in the human form…then Usha goes to her bros..Ganesh says she was a danger at Kailash- for his modak and he had to save them everytime…now that she is going…he says her not to torture her husband..Anirdhu says he’d give her all the modaks..Ganesh tells even better he calls him to do the honours.
Kartiikeya says to USha that she is v spl to them and do stop by if she needs any help..
He asks Anirudh to keep his sister Usha happy.

Vasukhi feels emotional n weeps.
Evey one peps up for the post marriage fun activities..

Back here Mahadev asks Vasukhi of his sorrow..
Nagdev tells that his children Ganesh n Kartikeya are lucky to have gotten the fortune of giving affection to a sister..they were great brothers to AS and now USha…he feels content seeing the bro n sis..he feels hurt while he realizes that he cant share the same bond.
Nagdev tells that he wants a sister whom he can give his affection and love..he has an earnest wish to have a sister.
He knows that it cant happen- how can such human feeling come to a Nga.!
Mahadev tells Nagdev that its a big duty- a sis sees her first companion in her bro…she wishes him to be there for her when she needs him..she finds a good friend in her bro..its just nt till her marriage but also after that.
He asks Mahadev why cant his energy be in Nga lok as his sister…Nag dev begs Mahadev to fulfill his wish, Mahadev explains that its nt easy for everyone to bear his powers..Nag dev insists saying that with his blessing everyone will.
At the wedding venue..K asks Ganesh abt the activities..why is it important..Ganehs tells that its for fun n entertainment…Indr asks if there is some war,,Ganesh n K tells that its somewhat like that- they have to see who is best in the archery.

Mahadev appreciates Nagdev’s services…and is v spl for him as they have always helped the world and so did his spices..Mahadev agrees to funfill his wish.. He’ll be blessed with a sister who will do great things in future..she’ll bridge the gap of deity n devote. Mahadev again asks him if he can take care of his sister well..Nag dev assurance he’d take care of his sister. he besg for it from nMahadev. Mahadev blesses him.

Nag dev is grateful and glad to have his wish ful filled…Mahadev gets a baby wid his powers…and gives it to Nag dev..Nage dev asks Mahadev to keep her name. Mahadev tells that as she has come from his mind..she can be called as ‘Mansa’


Nagdev goes to Mahadev to tell that he is unable to bear Mansa’s heat and request him to give her some save place to life. Mahadev suggest a rishsi residing in Nag lok- Haalhal.
Anirudh accepts Usha’s challenge that he’d take another birth if he lose and he does lose his aim.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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