Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev is enjoying food cooked by Bhilni.

At Kailash too all are sitting together for food. Ganesh remembers his mother.

Bhilni wants to complete an important work but Mahadev asks her what can be more important then being with her husband? Bhilni stops. Mahadev tells Ganesh Telepathically, your mother will be soon back to Kailash.

Mansa comes to meet Chandradhar. He tells her clearly not to beg for bhakti. He’ll only worship Mahadev. She should not try any more to convince him. Mansa feels insulted. She tells him he’ll soon know the result of rejecting her.

Chandradhar’s sons are tired. Wanted to rest under a tree. They are thirsty too. Their brother Lakshmichandra tells them to wait here, he’ll arrange for water. He meets Beluha who had a big pot of water. She helps him. Both feel they know each other. She asks him to wait, she’ll arrange food for them. He waits. She returns with food. Suddendly strong wind blows. She feels something is wrong.

Here Mansa has killed all the brothers of Lakshmichandra. While killing the last one, she tells him they are suffering because of their father had insulted her.

Mahadev seems serious seeing this. Bhilni asks is he worried because he is unable to go & help any of his bhakta. Mahadev answers he will be with her only. She asks, isn’t he missing his family, his wife? Mahadev’s answer is no. She asks hasn’t he betrayed his wife Parvati? He says you are my family. I have accepted all your restrictions, rules. Unable to bear any more,
she discloses about taking this form to test him. She feels betrayed. He says all the while he was aware of his true identity. Asks her to remember everything told by him, indicating he always wanted her only as his wife. In all her forms he only will marry her. Parvati wants him to forgive her. He wants them to return to Kailash. She says not now.

Precap: Mahadev tells Ganesh, Shubhata is needed at Chandradhar’s house, whose 6 sons have died. Ganesh in disguise tells Chandradhar, solution to this problem is Beluha, who has Mahadev’s boon of being Saubhagyavati. Vasuki tells Mansa, Chandradhar has found solution. She doesn’t accept.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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