Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Devi Parvati coming out of Bheelni avatar and starts decorating the area with flowers and diyas and also
feeling sad that her swami broke her trust by marrying another woman.

Seeing her condition, Narada ask Brahma what will happen. Brahma tells to him that the time has come for Narayana’s leela here.

Narayana comes there to console his sister; Parvai tells why swami broke her trust. Vishnu tells her why the need of this exam was
when you are feeling so sad. Parvati tells Vishnu that she wanted to know her swami’s feelings. Vishnu tells her it is impossible to understand why Mahadev is doing this, but that if she really want to know why Mahadev is doing this she should continue with this.

Vishnu comes to Kailash to tell about what is happening between Mahadev and Parvati. Vishnu tells Kartikeya, Ganesha and Nandi that Mahadev is getting married. Kartikey first is happy as he thought that his parents are getting married, but gets angry that Mahadev is getting married to his devotee. He burst with anger as he cannot accept anyone as his mothe. Vishnu calms down by saying that Bheelni is an avatar of Devi Parvati.Hearing all this, Ganesha is lost in thoughts. Kartikeya asks him the reason. Ganesha tells him thst he’s thinking about what his mother is going through.

There Chandradhar is wishing all his sons including Laxmichandra best wishes for the work they are doing. After sometime, mansa comes there and tries to lure Chandradhar by giving money and gold so that he accepts her as his god. But Chandradhar denies by saying that devotion comes from soul and it cannot be weigh in all materialistic things. Devotion connects us with God. And this thing Mahadev manas daughter should know.

There at Bheelni’s place, Mahadev stops Bheelni. Bheeni thinks for a moment that finally Mahadev has understood her feelings, but is shattered to hear that Mahadev will be with her forever. Mahadev talks in his mind that with this leela he wants to tell Parvati that he’s always there for any exam of her.

At Chandradhar’s place, Mansa is angry to hear what Chandradhar said to her. Chandradhar says to her that he has never heard that
Mahadev sons are trying to steal their father’s devotee. Till the last breath he will worship Mahadev and after his death, he’ll be with Mahadev. Mansa tries to give another chance to Chandradhar and when she comes next time she wants to hear what she wants. Chandradhar says that his doors are all always open for Mahadev’s daughter, but his answer will remain same.

There marriage is completed between Mahadev and Bheelni. Mahadev says to Bheelni that his trust will always be there. Bheelni says in her mind that she has lost trust.

Precap: – Mansa is angry to hear Chandradhar’s answer; she tells him that his sons will now have to face her wrath; mansa attacks Chandradhar’s sons with a snake…

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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