Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th June 2013 Written Update

Humans are tortured by Ravan’s sewaks. Kumbhkarna too adds his bit.
Shivji tells Parvati, one more bhakta is going in wrong path. Ganesh & Kartikeya should return soon after finishing their studies.
An Asura is troubling 2 young girls. Ganesh says they should help them. Kartikeya goes ahead. But Ganesh asks if he can save them alone? Ganesh jumps to save his future wives. One of the girls tells him not to come here, he is Narantak, who says they are Vishwarupa’s daughters, now he’ll kill all 3 of them. Ganesh jumps on him, cuts his head with his mini Parshu. The Girls are impressed. Narantak’s head says his bro. Devantak will take revenge. The girls introduces themselves as Sidhhi & Budhhi. Ganesh is pleased to meet them. They ask his name. He introdusces himself as Ganesh.
Ravan is torturing Humans. Rishi Pulastya trys to stop him. He says my Aaradhya have cheated me, this attitude is due to my confidence in myself not blind faith. He continues beating Humans. Shivji appears. Ravan is shocked. He is happy seing Shivji in Lanka. He says finally my penanace is successful. I am your greatest bhakt. Shivji says I am not here because of your bhakti. Ravan asks why is he here then? Shivji asks him to stop torturing Humans. Ravan says I am surprised, my Aaradhya never saw my bhakti, my good deeds, good Karmas, or you would have been here long back. You are here for these insects (Humans). But you are responsible of it. What was my fault? I only wanted Your bhakti, your sewa. But what did I get in return? Your own son Ganesh cheated me. How did you accept it? Shivji says bhakti doesn’t mean showing off. In fact it doesn’t ask for anything. For me insects are equally important like Humans, Asura. I’ll stop those who troubles them. Ravan says it’s impossible to stop me, have got Brhmaji’s boon. Even you can’t stop me. Not even you. Shivji tells him, todays these Humans are not important for you but in future, one of them will kill you, even you are aware of this fact. He disappears.
At Kailash, Shivji tells Parvati, in his ego Ravan has chosen a wrong path, that will lead him towards his end. My Bhakta’s karmas decides what they’ll get.
Ravan tells Humans, he is not their enemy, was just testing their patience. I’ll pay you for your labour. I am making this city, not only for me but for you all to stay. Kumbhkarna is confused at this sudden change in Ravan, who tells him, after waking up physically, you need to wake up mentally too. He tells Humans, he is giving them option of considering his treasure as theirs & they can call themselves his Vanshajs, or after leaving this place live in misery. He waits for their reaction. They start doing Lankeshwar’s Jay. He throws coins at them, they grab them.
Shivji tells Parvati, Ravan has changed his strategy, he wants to fill up the World with mini Ravanas. They’ll get attracted towards –vity. Paravti asks shoulnd’t they free these Humans from this? Shivji says, when they want to be freed. It can happen at the right time.

Precap: Ravan’s torture continues. Shivji says it’s time to save them. He takes form of a Human. Reaches among those getting beaten, stops it.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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