Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with see mahadev on rudraksh in yog and he feels that he is really in front of mahadev. He knows his mistake and feels guilty. He says, sorry to mahadev and bring back my boon prabhu. Vindhyachal opens his eyes and found himself on same state. Mahadev arises and vindhyachal says, i am really thankful to you, you have guided me. Mahadev says, we cannot map large by only size, its depend on nature. It is not good to compare size. he says, guide me so that i will not again distract from my path. Mahadev says, your complete correct path is “OM”. Vindhyachal says, prabhu, i am hearing OM everywhere, please tell the meaning of OM. Mahadev says, OM is not a word, it does know by anyone.
Only that person can know about it who doesnt want anything, express something. Earth build by OM. Vindhaychal says, during earth beginning only tridev exists. Mahadev says, we and om are together. Vindhyachal then called “OM” and found brahma dev and narayan. he says to mahadev, please stay here as shivling as guide everyone. Brahma dev announces the shivling as “OMkareshwar”. Narad ji tells his problem then mahadev put another shivling and announces as “amleshwar”.
Biblarth says, narayan and brahma dev’s power is also stay in OM. Rohitang says, i cannot believe you. Biblarth says, how will i trust you, you have to believe it by own. Rohitang says, OM then says, i didnt find anything. Biblarth says, you are warrior and only by touching weapon, we cannot assume the sharpness of weapons. Biblarth pronounces “OM”. First pronounce “A” . rohitang says “A” then biblarth says, this is brahma sthan. biblarth says, now called “o” rohitang called “o” then rohitang says, “o” biblarth says, this is narayan place. Now calls “mai”, rohitang says, “mai” and says, this is for mahadev. Biblarth says, our body is made of tridev and their wives also helps us in whole. Rohitang says, what about last word. Biblarth says, tridev is in that word and this word doesn’t exit. Mahadev says, now rohitang’s exam starts.

Shankchur comes to meet with dev kampan. Dev kampan says, rohitang will join you in war, you just attack on indra. shankchur says, we are ready for war, just wait for order of rohitang . Rohitang says, i am ready for saying “OM”. Biblarth says, you have heard about everything about OM. Now consider it and called OM. Rohitang calls “OM” and power of tridev affects him.
Rohitang body affects by tridev power and he found himself in universe and see a “OM” and gets surprised and wakes up and says, this is cheating, you are doing forgery with me. Biblarth says, this is truth that this is not a forgery. Rohitang says, i dont want to hear you anything.

PRecap:- Mahadev says, now its new circle starts and rohitang says to mata prithvi, i will war with that person who has saved you from vindhyachal.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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